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Isle of Lewis Chess Sets

The Oldest Chess Set in the Western World

The Isle Of Lewis Chess Set has legendary status and is probably the second most recognisable set of iconic chess pieces after Staunton. They gained their name from the isle of Lewis in Scotland. On a fateful day in 1831 they were discovered buried in a chest when a sand bank collapsed. It is thought that the chessmen were carved from Walrus Ivory and were actually made in Norway hundreds of years before they were re discovered.

Mini Isle Of Lewis Chess Set

Mini Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces

The SAC Mini Isle of Lewis Chess Set is available with fast and free shipping from UK stock. These lovely little chessmen are a superb example of the Lewis chess pieces. Due to the proportions of the Lewis chessmen it's often the case that they sets are very large when combined with a board. For those with limited space these mini versions are ideal. We also sell them combined with a chess board for the completed look.

SAC Isle Of Lewis Chess Set

Studio Anne Carlton Lewis Chess pieces

The most popular Isle Of Lewis Chess Set is the Studio Anne Carlton version which retails at just £74.99. This set has been a resounding success due to its high quality and fine attention to detail. SAC have become very well known for the high quality themed chess sets and the Isle of Lewis Chess set they make is yet another great example of their fine products.

Our Range Of Isle Of Lewis Chess Sets

UK widest range of Lewis Chess pieces

There have been various incarnations of the Lewis chessmen over the years. It's worth noting that more than a full chess sets worth of figures were discovered when the original set was literally unearthed all those years ago. While a complete chess set has been assembled from the various figures there are different versions that use other 'spare' figures as pieces within the set. We have made sure that the sets we stock are all truly representative of the genuine Lewis chessmen. We have combined some of the best Lewis chess pieces on the market with a selection of boards to create a small yet perfect selection of chess sets.

National Museum Scotland Official Lewis Chess Set

Scottish Museum Isle of Lewis Chess pieces

If you are looking for complete authenticity and don't feel brave enough to steal the original pieces from the museum then the official set of Lewis chessmen is for you. This set is produced by the National Museum Scotland, the foremost authority on the Lewis chessmen. The pieces have been made from laser scans of the original chessmen and are precise replicas of the actual pieces. As well as being accurate they are also extremely well made and posses the very rare characteristic of a 'Made in England' sticker on them. Even at £130 for the set these chessmen are outstanding value for money. A true treasure and future family heirloom.

Isle Of Lewis Chess Set And Board

Isle of Lewis Chessmen with Chess Board

When the original Lewis chessmen were discovered there was no chess board present, this doesn't mean we have to leave the boards out to remain authentic. The Regency Chess Company have combined our excellent brands of Lewis chess pieces with some beautiful European made chess boards. We have matched the size of the board perfectly to the chessmen and ensured a good match in terms of colour and design. If you are looking for an isle of Lewis chess set complete with board then our range will cater for every price point. Order today and benefit from our express delivery service or free shipping if you are based in the UK.

The Regency Chess Company Has The Best Selection Of Lewis Chess Sets

Here at the Regency Chess Company we believe that we have the very best selection of Lewis chess sets in the UK. We have been extremely careful when choosing which Lewis chessmen to stock. We have then combined them with only the finest European made chess boards to come up with a small yet perfect selection of sets. Starting at just a little over fifty pounds and heading up to nearly three hundred for our super Luxury set that features the UK made replica pieces and our amazing Italian briar wood chess board. You simply will not find a better selection of Lewis chess sets.

The Ultimate Viking Chess Set

The Lewis chess set is of course the only set worth considering when you are looking for a Viking chess set. It may of course seem odd that a set named after a Scottish Isle is the worlds most iconic Viking set. This is of course the subject of much debate, the set is widely known to have been crafted in Norway. It gained it's Lewis name after it had been missing for hundreds of years and then turned up in Scotland. Many argue that the set should be returned to its place of origin. But for now it's still very much Scottish property.

What Are Your Lewis Sets Made From?

Over the years a huge number of companies have produced Lewis chess sets. The originals were said to be carved from Whale bone and some form of tusk ivory. Due to their amazing detail and intricacy the production sets you can buy are not hand carved. Instead they are made from molds. In the case of our finest set, The National Museum ones, these molds are created using laser scans of the original artifacts. The material used is a crushed stone composite resin which uses finely ground stone mixed in with a strong resin material and some colouring. If you are looking for a stone chess set the production Lewis sets are probably the best option for you.

The Story of the Isle of Lewis Chess Set - Video

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