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Category: Ornate Chessmen

St George Ebony and Boxwood Luxury Chess Pieces 4.25 Inches

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Certificate of Authenticity
The famous St George Chess Club used these pieces at their prestigious tournament before the Staunton design became the norm. At one such London Tournament in 1883, the St. George Chess Club President proposed a toast to the best chess player in the world and, moments later, two players stood up from their seats.
Although times have changed since then, rivalries in chess remain as complex as ever. And, also unchanged, is the beauty of these century-old pieces, hand turned in solid Ebony wood.
The coiled, or ‘stacked disk,’ shape is comfortable to hold while giving the St George Chessmen an unmistakably unique identify. These are large, weighted pieces that belong on a 23 inch board, commanding as they do up to 1.7 inches at the base. The King is one of the largest in the RegencyChess collection at 4.25 Inches. Because of the amount of work it takes to carve these pieces, plus the rare materials that are used to make them, we provide a Certificate of Authentication upon purchase.
This Luxury Set Includes 4 Queens combine and save
King Weight
Pawn Weight
Total Weight (unpacked)
King Height
4.25 inches
King's Base Diameter
1.7 inches
Pawn Height
1.9 inches
Materials Used
Ebony, Boxwood
Suitable Board
23 Inch Boards
and larger