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Themed Chess Sets

Classic and Innovative Chess Sets

Our range of themed chess sets features some of the world’s most popular themes and only the finest quality chess sets. Included in the range is the legendary Lord Of The Rings chess set as well as a host of others. Popular classics such as the Battle of Waterloo, Robin Hood, and the Egyptian are also included. All of the themed chess sets here are supplied with a board. Separate themed pieces are available in our chess pieces section.

Our range of hand painted chess sets is huge. All the sets are stocked in the UK for immediate free shipping and express delivery. The Regency Chess Company stocks the superb range of hand painted chess sets by Studio Anne Carlton, world renowned for their superb designs and amazingly good quality. Buy your hand painted chess sets from an English company you can trust.

Alice In Wonderland Chess Set

Alice in Wonderland chess

Now available, the superb SAC Alice In Wonderland Chess Set is now in stock and ready for immediate UK dispatch and free shipping. Alice in Wonderland needs no introduction as one the most famous and inspiring children’s stories of all time. Lewis Carols famous book has been depicted in numerous animations and movies with none other than Walt Disney producing a very well known version of this classic story. You can now capture the essence and character of this legendary story with this beautiful set of chess pieces and board.

SAC Themed Chess Sets

SAC chess sets

The Studio Anne Carlton range of themed chess has become the standard by which other sets are judged. For years SAC have been busy making hand painted chess sets of outstanding quality. Most of the classics in the world of themed sets have originated from the SAC range including Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, The Battle Of Waterloo and a host of others. Here at Regency Chess we are proud to stock the range of themed chess sets from Studio Anne Carlton.

The Lord Of The Rings Themed Chess Sets

Lord of the Rings Chess Set

The Regency Chess Company is proud to stock a range of Lord of The Rings Chess Sets. We have the official Studio Anne Carlton sets in the hand painted and non painted varieties. These sets have official approval of the LOTR rights owners and bear a highly accurate resemblance to the characters in the movie. We have presented these sets on some superb chess boards. You will also find the chessmen available without a board in our chess pieces section. These sets are something that every Lord Of The Rings fan should have in their collection.

Playing Chess Using A Themed Chess Set

playing with themed chess pieces

There is little doubt that themed chess sets are very cool, but how effective are they when it comes to a serious game of chess? This question largely depends on the set itself but it's fair to say that there must be some trade off between playability and the novelty factor of the set. Many of the hand painted sets are colourful and decorative which makes it hard to put an immediate contrast between the two sides of the set.

Perfect as Ornaments

Other sets that use totally non chess related characters to represent pieces can cause confusion during a chess game as to which character represents which chess piece. A themed chess set is a great gift for the enthusiast and a high quality set will more than likely become a collectable. If chess is all that interests you then a Staunton set is what you need, if you are not so serious then a themed set is a great way to put some chess into your life.