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12 to 14 Inch Boards

12 to 14 Inch Boards

The finest chess boards from Italian and Spanish manufacturers

12 to 14 Inch Boards


Save 15% using code CYBER15

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These diminutive Chessboards are a practical purchase thanks to their smaller size, while they also offer competitors a large enough area to play comfortably upon. Now there is no doubt that some of our larger boards can dominate a room, acting as an ornamental feature as well as a Chess Board. And, although this is true for our beautiful Wenge and Maple Board the real strength of the 12 to 14 inch chess boards is their practicality.

Laminated Italian Board

The rest of the boards within this category are marginally thicker although never exceeding more than 0.6 inches. The Ebonised Down Head Knights at 2.5 inches, are of the size that is best suited to the chess boards within this category. Larger pieces with a 3-inch king will fit on the larger boards in this section although any playing surfaces smaller than 13 inches will look crowded with any pieces more than 2.5 inches in size. Over the last year these more compact chessboards have become increasingly popular, prompting us to now look for more to add to the collection. We are expecting this range to grow as players continue to look for smaller boards that still have a traditional feel.

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