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16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set
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16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set

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Product Description

This is a classic Polish chess set with a ornate burned and stained board. It contains the Staunton No.4 chess pieces which are single weighted. A heavy, solid and robust board that will provide years or decades of use. There is a real charm to this set, with a classic European design and the classic Staunton pieces, it's a perfect combination of board and pieces.

The entire set has been hand crafted in Poland and imported to the UK by Regency Chess. Superb value for money for a high quality set that has been made in Europe
Plantation wood used - from a sustainable source in Eastern Europe..

Product Specifications

King Height:  3 inches (7.62 cm)
Pawn Height:  1.5 inches (3.81 cm)
Weight:  1.3 kg
Board Size:  16 inches (40.64 cm)

Product Reviews

"Very happy with the product which arrived over the weekend, and I am looking forward to playing more."

J , 1st July 2020

"Just introducing my wife to chess so it’s an ideal starter set"

M Taylor, 5th April 2020

"This is a nice board. It is a good size with large squares and there are no traces of cracks or problems on the board. The board has two catches to lock it closed for storage. These are very secure so it should not open by accident. The pieces have specific storage locations within the folding board which stops them from rattling together so they should last longer. My only slight niggle is that a couple of the pieces have small cracks in them - in most cases, these are just hairline cracks, but one of the queens has a crack that is around 1mm wide. It's not enough to justify returning it, though, and certainly doesn't cause any problem when playing."

D Lloyd, 6th December 2019

"A lovely chess set to own. Very high qaulity, and lovely to play with. Regency chess should also be commended for their fantastic service. I ordered this set the eve of Christmas eve and recieved it christmas eve. I wish more companies would operate in the same fashion. Thank you from a very happy customer."

J Hall, 24th December 2009

"Genuinely good quality chess pieces. Whoever designed this has got the taste! Very refinely crafted and about the right weight. I searched many sites but to settle for this good value set, even better deal after 15% discount. It took about 2 weeks to reach China (i know it\'s far!) and the Royal Mail airmail postage is bit hefty too (cost me nearly 20 pound!). I wonder if there is any cheaper and perhaps a bit quicker way to reach this part of the world? The whole set has strong smell of glu which I suppose is not healthy, but I hope by soaking them up in the sun it\'d get better. In general, I love this set."

G Qian, 8th December 2009

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