The Berkeley Chess Egyptian Russet and Wenge Chess Set

The Berkeley Chess Egyptian Russet and Wenge Chess Set

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  • Stone crushed resin chess pieces.
  • Striking russet and cream colouring
  • Superb detail.
  • Matched perfectly with a stunning Spanish Wenge board.

The mystique behind Ancient Egyptian relics and history never fails to capture our imagination with the Pyramids, Sphinx and the thousands of artefacts catalogued at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo continuing to draw thousands of visitors.

There are quite a few Egyptian themed sets available but this one in particular is stunning in its simplicity. The Russet pieces are beautifully crafted from crushed stone resin to create all the figures that we associate with this magical era.

The wenge board from Spain looks as though it was commissioned solely for the purpose of presenting these pieces, they complement each other so perfectly. This striking chess set would make an ideal gift for any Egyptian and/or chess enthusiast.

Product Specifications

King Height:  3.75 inches (9.53 cm)
King Base Diameter:  1.25 inches (3.18 cm)
King Weight:  90 grams
Pawn Height:  2.25 inches (5.72 cm)
Pawn Weight:  30 grams
Pawn Base Diameter:  0.85 inches (2.16 cm)
Weight:  10.25 kg
Materials:  Crushed Stone Resin, Wenge, Maple
Number of Queens:  2
Board Size:  19.7 inches (50.04 cm)
Board Thickness:  0.6 inches (1.52 cm)
Square Size:  1.9 inches (4.83 cm)