Coiled Jerusalem Hand Carved Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces

Coiled Jerusalem Hand Carved Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces

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  • Hand crafted from golden rosewood.
  • Ancient religious influence.
  • 3.75" (95 mm) king.
  • Weighted and felted.
  • Perfect on a 15” or 16" (40 cm) board.
Skilled craftsmen spend hours on each one of these Coiled Jerusalem Chess Pieces, hand turning their cylindrical shape from blocks of golden rosewood and boxwood. Once the shape has been established, the craftsmen then hand carve the finite details of each piece.

The end result is a set of astonishing chess pieces based on religious motifs of the ancient western and eastern worlds. Each one of these pieces has a slightly different finish because of the hand crafting technique used to make them, bringing a ‘one-off’ element to every set of Coiled Jerusalem Chess Pieces.

The king is a tall 3.75 inches (95 mm) in height but covers just 1.15 inches (28 mm) at the base, which makes the Coiled Jerusalem Chessmen best suited to boards of 15 to 16 inches.

Product Specifications

King Height:  3.75 inches (9.53 cm)
King Base Diameter:  1.15 inches (2.92 cm)
King Weight:  32.2 grams
Pawn Height:  2.1 inches (5.33 cm)
Pawn Weight:  13.6 grams
Pawn Base Diameter:  0.8 inches (2.03 cm)
Weight:  0.55 kg
Materials:  Sheesham, Boxwood
Number of Queens:  2