Manopoulos The Olive Walnut and Black Travel Backgammon Set

Manopoulos The Olive Walnut and Black Travel Backgammon Set

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Travel backgammon set featuring the same high level of quality as our full sized wooden cases. Take luxury backgammon wherever you go!

  • Lovely Olive design playing surface.
  • Beautifully crafted from Walnut.
  • Made by Manopoulos of Greece.
  • Ideal size for travelling.
  • Dice and counters included.
Compact and convenient, travel size backgammon sets tend to lose something in the detail and quality. That's why at Regency Chess we are very proud to offer this superb travel size set from the famous Greek Backgammon house, Manopoulos. With its walnut cabinet and beautiful olive design, it will look stunning on the move or in your home.

With its big luxury board feel in a convenient travel size, this portable backgammon set is a welcome addition to the Travel Backgammon Sets range here at The Regency Chess Company.

As you would expect from these Greek experts, the backgammon case is beautifully crafted, with the usual brass hinges and clasp giving it a touch of opulence. This particular board is designed with a screen printed playing surface, making each game clear and easy to follow. Featuring thick, high edges, this portable case ensures that the included wooden backgammon stones (counters) will not get lost when playing on a train, car or plane journey. As a whole, this design works well with the set which is finished off with a lovely Olive decor in the centre.

This is a complete Backgammon Set, and the case carries a full set of wooden backgammon stones which really compliment this board beautifully. There is also a set of dice with a doubling cube. The dice and counters come inside a neat little drawstring bag to ensure they won't get lost. Overall, this luxury travel backgammon set gives the look and feel of a much higher price tag.

Backgammon set contents

  • 15 Light stones.
  • 15 Dark stones.
  • 1 Doubling cube.
  • 2 white dice.
  • 2 black dice.
  • Organza bag for stones and dice.
  • 2 dice cups.
  • 1 Olive wood inlaid backgammon case.

Product Specifications

Length (open):  14 inches (35.56 cm)
Width (open):  11.7 inches (29.72 cm)
Length (closed):  11.7 inches (29.72 cm)
Width (closed):  7 inches (17.78 cm)
Stone Diameter:  0.78 inches (1.98 cm)
Stone Thickness:  0.2 inches (0.51 cm)
Playing Surface:  Hard