Skyline London Map Chess Board

Skyline London Map Chess Board

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  • Stained black birch veneered board.
  • Hand screen printed.
  • Beautifully contemporary
  • Famous aerial view of the city
  • 15 inch board
Unique and contemporary, this stunning board is made from Scandinavian black birch veneered ply, hand screen-printed with the famous aerial view of our nation’s capital.

With its clean lines and monochrome theme, this lovely board would also suit other black and white pieces with a king height of 3 inches. However we feel it complements the London Skyline chess men to perfection.

Product Specifications

Materials:  Wooden
Board Size:  15 inches (38.1 cm)
Board Thickness:  0.5 inches (1.27 cm)
Square Size:  1.9 inches (4.83 cm)