16 Inch Staunton Style Tournament Chess Set

16 Inch Staunton Style Tournament Chess Set

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A sixteen inch folding chess set cabinet with weighted Staunton chess pieces. A contemporary design of board with alpha numeric notation. This chess set is very heavy for its size and has been finished off to an excellent standard.

A highly attractive wooden chess set that has been hand crafted in Europe by the Polish Chess Company.
Plantation wood used - from a sustainable source in Eastern Europe.

Product Specifications

King Height:  3.25 inches (8.26 cm)
King Base Diameter:  1.25 inches (3.18 cm)
King Weight:  26 grams
Pawn Height:  1.6 inches (4.06 cm)
Pawn Weight:  8 grams
Pawn Base Diameter:  0.8 inches (2.03 cm)
Weight:  1.4 kg
Materials:  Birch, Siberian Birch, Mahogany
Number of Queens:  2
Board Size:  16 inches (40.64 cm)
Board Thickness:  0.5 inches (1.27 cm)
Square Size:  1.6 inches (4.06 cm)