Reykjavik Championship Chess Set

Reykjavik Championship Chess Set

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The Reykjavik Championship Chess Set presents a re-imagination of the chess set used during the iconic 1972 match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Simple, yet distinctive Staunton styling is combined with peerless detailing and finishing using only the finest graded ebony and boxwood.

The pieces feature a king height of 3.75 inches (95 mm) and are beautifully weighted and balanced. The pieces are presented on our quality Walnut and Maple Chess Board at almost 20 inches (50 cm).

This set is both beautiful and practical and includes a rootwood burl chess piece cabinet. The perfect gift for any chess playing enthusiast.

This luxury set includes 4 queens

Product Specifications

King Height:  3.75 inches (9.53 cm)
King Base Diameter:  1.7 inches (4.32 cm)
King Weight:  55.8 grams
Pawn Height:  2 inches (5.08 cm)
Pawn Weight:  23.5 grams
Pawn Base Diameter:  1.2 inches (3.05 cm)
Weight:  4.7 kg
Materials:  Ebony, Walnut, Maple, Boxwood
Number of Queens:  4
Board Size:  19.7 inches (50.04 cm)
Board Thickness:  0.6 inches (1.52 cm)
Square Size:  2.17 inches (5.51 cm)