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New Range Of Garden Chess Sets Now Available

We are delighted to be writing this post in the middle of a heat wave. 2012 has involved a lot of waiting when it came to the summer weather, but it seems that it’s here at last. As if the timing couldn’t be more perfect we have just launched a range of four outdoor chess sets.

These sets are all high quality, weather proof plastic models in eight, twelve, sixteen and twenty four inch (king height) variants. The twenty four inch set is an epic chess set with a board that spans ten feet across. The board is sectional and ideal for the lawn while the pieces can easily be filled with sand or water to weight them down during windy summer days.

We have sourced these sets directly from the manufacturer and cut out the UK based middle man. This means we are able to offer you the best prices on outdoor and giant chess sets.

Giant Garden Chess Set
Our largest Giant Chess Set




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