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More Smaller Luxury Chess Sets Added To Our Range

Corinthian Luxury Burl Chess Set
A superb example of one of our amazing new chess sets

The Regency Chess Company is seldom known for following the crowd, we prefer to innovate and lead the market, rather than copy what others do. Last year we introduced our first range of small luxury chessmen, the Sandringham Tres Corone set. This set was an exact copy of our four inch king Sandringham chessmen, only much smaller. In fact the king is only two and a half inches high.

We initially introduced the set after requests from buyers who wanted luxury sets, but didn’t have a lot of space to display and store one. Indeed many of the very luxury chessmen start at around three and three quarter inches in height, so need at least twenty inches of board space. Go up a few price brackets to the four inch pieces and you might need to invest in a bigger table!

The original Tres Corone series chessmen were a huge success. The first batch sold out fast and the comments from customers were amazing. We now have more stock of these and have also introduced two more super luxury sets of chessmen in this small size.

Tightening of the details

One thing that happens to a luxury chess piece when it is shrunk down in size is that all the details and lines tighten right up. In fact these smaller versions seem more detailed than their bigger siblings. They look totally fantastic.

Our range of small luxury chess sets benefit from the following advantages over normal sets

  • Three wood types used (51 chessmen in total)
  • Weighted for perfect balance
  • Ideal for smaller chess boards
  • Luxury hardwoods (ebony, sandalwood, boxwood)
  • Finished to a standard well above that of standard chessmen

This time we have miniaturised our popular Madrid series chessmen, and our Corinthian. Both very elegant takes on the classic Staunton design with their own unique twist.

See the new sets here

Madrid & Walnut Chess Set & Corinthian Luxury Burl Chess Set



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