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Regency Chess Company Now Officially Launched In Canada

We are absolutely delighted to announce that The Regency Chess Company is now trading in Canada and our new website Regency Chess Canada is now active. A brand new branch of The Regency Chess Co is now stationed in Toronto with a range of our fine products warehoused and dispatched locally.

A great selection of our products are already available on the new website while more of our highly successful range will be added in the coming weeks and months. The Canadian site represents the first of many new Regency Chess websites that will be located in various countries around the globe.

One comment on “Regency Chess Company Now Officially Launched In Canada”

Hello I just ordered the beautiful 1 x 23.6 Inch Gloss Black Anegre and Maple Chess Board (RCBC100) on February 1, 2015 and it just arrived packaged nice and safe and in perfect condition on Friday, February 6, 2015.

Super fast delivery and a stunning Spanish made chess board is now mine.

Thanking Regency Canada for the “excellent” service.

Rachel in Sidney,BC

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