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Gone But Not Forgotten – Regency Chess Showroom Closed To Make Space For Business Expansion

The Regency Chess Showroom
The Regency Chess Showroom

When we moved to our current businesses premises in 2010 we used some of the space we had to erect a customer showroom. It quickly became one of the most attractive displays of fine chess sets in the UK and customers came from far and wide to view the selection.

Since then our business has grown hugely. More products, new lines, new markets and a huge increase in international sales. We have gone from card carton deliveries to pallets and containers and now need every inch of space our warehouse can muster.

So this week we began to dismantle our showroom and box up all the stock that has been on display. The good news is that all of the sets in the showroom are now for sale at amazing prices in our ex display section.

The additional storage space will mean our range can grow, more stock can be stored and we can buy in larger bulk than previously.

Can I still come and buy a chess set in person?

Yes, we are of course still very much open to the public and we will be more than happy to show you our chess sets, albeit in slightly more ‘industrial’ surroundings. We will still be offering the same great tasting coffee and tea.

Our coffee might not look this good. But it will certainly taste nice

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