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New range of croquet sets on sale at Regency Chess Company in the UK

Croquet set

The Townsend Croquet Set

Croquet Set on the lawn




In the past we had offered a small selection of croquet sets, more as a basic side line than anything else. As part of our drive to add more products throughout 2016 we’ve totally over hauled the range on offer. The basic range of sets has now gone and been replaced with the full range of sets offered by Garden Games Limited, a UK based company who offer an excellent range of croquet sets as part of their collection of outdoor games.

We also have plans to add other high quality brands to the range and develop the section on our website further. We feel it’s important that we only offer well made, high quality croquet sets so we’ve picked the range very carefully. The range of sets will all be offered with our super fast shipping and we can ship them all over Europe at highly competitive rates.


A little bit about Croquet

Croquet setsThe game of croquet has been played in some form or other for hundreds of years, in the 1800s it was formalised as the game we now call ‘Croquet’. It remained hugely popular for many years but eventually became eclipsed by tennis. Many croquet lawns were converted into tennis courts and today tennis courts outnumber croquet lawns by quite a margin.

Fun Croquet Facts

  • An early version of Croquet was called ‘Pal Mal’ which loosely translates as ‘Mallet & Ball’ in Latin
  • Wimbledon tennis club started life as a croquet club
  • Croquet as we know it was first played in Britain in 1851
  • John Prescott is alleged to have increased sales of Croquet equipment at Asda by 300% after he was famously caught playing it
  • There is more than one version of the game: Association, Lawn, Garden, Golf, American six wicket, nine wicket and ricochet


Official Lewis Chessmen Now Available In Mid Sized Package

The Official Lewis Chessmen

The Official Lewis Chessmen

We’re delighted to be stocking the latest set of Lewis chessmen from the National Museum Scotland. For years we’ve been selling their original set with huge success. While the pieces have always been the very best quality one downside of the original set was it’s size and scale. Due the width of the king and queen it meant a huge chess board was needed. The smallest board we could get away with was a 20 inch slim border walnut chessboard, but typically people purchased them on a huge 24 inch board.


See our entire range of Lewis Chess Sets Here


The new smaller versions still retail all the detail and high quality feel but will fit on chess boards from 16 to 18 inches. So those of you who have been wanting to enjoy the very best in quality Lewis chessmen can now do so on a scale that suits you. The original large pieces can be instantly identified by their distinctive black gift box packaging. The new mid sized set comes in a beautiful red box.

Boxed Official Lewis Chessmen

Boxed Official Lewis Chessmen

For quite a few years The Regency Chess Company has been the UK’s best stockist of Lewis chess products. We sell all the versions of this set from the tiny 9 inch Celtic set, the mass produced SAC version, the British museum version and of course the prize winning National Museum Scotland version. We don’t know of any better selection of Lewis chessmen available anywhere in Europe. All sets are in stock and available for instant dispatch.

The Themed Chessmen are here for Christmas

Our full selection of Themed Chess Sets are back in stock and ready for Christmas shoppers to enjoy. All of the pictures in this post will link you over to the full pages on our website, where they are also many more themed sets to look at, including the Battle of Waterloo, The Crusades and Egyptian themed chess sets.


Possibly our most popular is this set of Sherlock Holmes Chessmen on a rich mahogany chess board.

Sherlock Holmes Chess Set

Sherlock Holmes Chess Set

These fantastic Celts Vs Viking Chessmen are some of the most colourful in the Regency Chess Collection of themed chess sets.

Celts Vs Vikings Chess Set

Celts Vs Vikings Chess Set

The commemorative chess pieces of her majesty’s Diamond Jubilee sell especially well in the United States.

Diamond Jubilee Chess Set

Diamond Jubilee Chess Set

Zues is the King alongside his daughter Aphrodite in this God of Mythology themed set.

Battle of Bannockburn Ches sSet

God of Mythology

Secretive mask from throughout history are the focus here, all of which are placed on our finest 19 inch chess board.

Historic Masked Chess Set

Historic Masked Chess Set

Canterbury Cathedral is the running theme in this set of Medieval chess pieces.

Medieval Chess Set

Medieval Chess Set

Regency Chess Co – Now The Best Place In The UK For Tournament & School Chess Sets And Equipment

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We are delighted to announce that due to massive bulk ordering capabilities we are now offering all the popular tournament grade chess equipment at fantastic prices. We have also increased our range of products to include demonstration boards and score books. Until recently we had been offering bulk deal product listings on the site. For example, a listing for forty sets of tournament chessmen at a substantial discount. This however meant that we were showing a vast array of listings, often for the same product but in varying quantities.

We have now made things simpler

Now you will find all of our tournament chess equipment listed as separate listings which will make choosing much easier. The best bit is that the more quantity you decide to buy the cheaper it gets. (more…)

Amazing Value For Money – Exclusive To The Regency Chess Company

Latest product release

We are delighted to announce the arrival of some very special backgammon sets at a very special price. We have been working in conjunction with our friends Manopoulos in Greece and come up with a superb solid walnut backgammon set, full size, for under £100.

Solid Walnut Backgammon set

Solid Walnut Backgammon set – Made In Greece


This set features real wooden inlays (not a photo print), solid wooden stones and resin dice. The overall quality and finish is absolutely fantastic. (more…)