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Established in 2008

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Folding & Travel Chess

Folding & Travel Chess

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The Biggest and Best Range of Travel Chess Sets in the UK

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the statement above is fact rather than opinion. Making our range the biggest was the easiest part, selecting a varied number of travel chess sets that cater to every player’s needs. However, making it the best was a much longer, more painstaking process.

Rather than talking about it, though, let us show you how this travel chess set collection is better than any other in the UK.

A Nuanced Re-Design

In 2008, when the Regency Chess Company was founded, we had a 10 inch chess set that was selling extremely well. The Sheesham board was well made and the magnetic pieces never fell off. However, the clasps on the side, made from aluminium, were not lasting long enough. So with this in mind we went about correcting this problem and improving the quality of our product. The process was a long one as we conversed with our suppliers about the best way of refining the set.

An Exclusive 10 Inch Sheesham Travel Set

Today, the 10 Inch Sheesham and Boxwood Magnetic Chess Set is still one of our best sellers, but now it’s fitted with specialist magnets that hold it comfortably together. Sales have increased but, more importantly, the product is far better, ensuring that chess players looking for the best 10 inch travel chess set in the UK can find it right here in the Regency collection.

A similar line of development has taken place with a number of the travel chess sets you can find here, from our smallest to biggest sets.

Where do our Travel Chess Sets come from?

Our fantastic travel and folding chess set collection has become the finest in the country thanks to long and successful relationships with suppliers from around the globe. We do not sell any mass produced sets from China, preferring instead to hand pick exceptional sets from suppliers in Italy, India and Poland. This ensures a high level of quality and, subsequently, a lasting relationship with manufactures that, ultimately, leads to a better line of products.

Magnetic Vs Weighted Pieces

This is a question we are often asked on the phone and in the Regency Chess Shop here in Somerset, should I buy a magnetic chess set or one with weighted pieces?

Visit Our Shop in Somerset

Visitors to the shop often find the answer quickly after touching the pieces and deciding which they prefer right there and then. For online customers the process is a little harder but, after asking a few practical questions, the answer has a similar success rate. The first important parameter is just how much travelling you are planning to do with your set. If your journey will consist of cramped train compartments in northern India, or horseback riding in outer Mongolia, then we recommend purchasing a magnetic set. This way you are less likely to lose the pieces while they will stick to the board in the event of a bit of turbulent travel.

Easy Storage

However, many customers purchase travel or fold up chessboards because they are easier to store than traditional chessboards, with no plans to carry them across the Bolivian salt flats. The larger folding sets, such as our 19 Inch Staunton Tournament Chess Set have intricately carved pieces that hold themselves well on the annotated board despite being non-magnetic.

The same can be said for the smaller non-magnetic chess sets in this section, which are all still good travel boards because they store well and can be opened out in a hotel room, open veranda or coffee shop.