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French Knight Black Mahogany Chess Set

French Knight Black Mahogany Chess Set

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Received as a present and I am very pleased. As an occasional player, with a child who is now quite keen I decided a serious upgrade was required from the 40 year old small portable set with tiny plastic pieces combined from two similar yet mis-sized sets! What a joy to play with; the pieces are beautifully weighted, pawns seem so much more useful when they feel solid in the hand, the size of the board means you can really get a sense of the battle in progress.
The board and pieces are excellent quality and I especially ally like the quality of the inlaid squares. I’m knocking off a star, however, for the box. The outside is fine, the inside unfinished with loose wood shavings. The metal pins securing the clasp protruded into the box by 1mm, I have filed them down and have bought some felt to line the box but it would be a crying shame to have ended up with scratched pieces because of this shoddy attention to detail in design and manufacture.
Date Added: 30/12/2020 by Customer