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Berkeley Chess Victorian Cardinal Chess Men

Berkeley Chess Victorian Cardinal Chess Men


Very, very satisfied with the product overall; will treasure forever.
Artistic in design/colour.
Appropriate in size/weight.
Prior to purchase, I was slightly concerned the resin stone made piece may be fragile, however, pieces appear to be very solid and will not break easily.
I love the pawn's botanical motif; I thought that it might be too tall prior to purchase but now I see it is in perfect harmony.
I love the rook's realistic castle-like resemblance; I only wished it the castle turret's top was engraved, that would have made it even more realistic. But I'm grateful enough for the detail it is engraved already.
I love the knight's austere/gothic life-like look; this piece was the prime motivation for me to purchase this chess set. Now that I actually have the pieces in front of me, the night seems slightly more robust than when I saw in the photo and looks better in reality, well proportioned.
I love the bishop's melancholic/agonising expression and the hat, very genuine.
The king and the queen are my least favourite, however, I've almost re-considered the purchase due to their design that didn't necessary appeal to my personal taste; they seemed too similar to each other in size and design and it didn't strike me with the uniqueness of rest of the pieces. However, I am now well pleased as I can see physically that the queen is slightly one size smaller/skinnier than the king and the subtle design makes is easy to identify/differentiate from the king and rest of the pieces obviously. I actually come to like them as much as rest of the pieces for their uniqueness.
I want to thank Berkley Chess company for such artistic creation and Regency Chess company for supplying at such good price. Thank you!
- Radu
Date Added: 20/01/2020 by Customer
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