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16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set

16 Inch European Folding Wooden Chess Set

over 44% off

Genuinely good quality chess pieces. Whoever designed this has got the taste! Very refinely crafted and about the right weight. I searched many sites but to settle for this good value set, even better deal after 15% discount.

It took about 2 weeks to reach China (i know it's far!) and the Royal Mail airmail postage is bit hefty too (cost me nearly 20 pound!). I wonder if there is any cheaper and perhaps a bit quicker way to reach this part of the world?

The whole set has strong smell of glu which I suppose is not healthy, but I hope by soaking them up in the sun it'd get better. In general, I love this set.
Date Added: 08/12/2009 by Gang Qian