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Ornate Chess Sets

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Completely Unique Chess Sets

Every Ornate Chess Set in the Regency collection seems to have its own little story. This is mainly because the selection process for these unique chess sets often takes such a long time. Simply put, the number of distinctive chess pieces on the market is so high that it can take months to find something that we consider ornate rather than novelty.

Once we have found the correct ornate chessmen, which are made from materials as diverse as Camel Bone, Ebony and Brass, its then time to find the right board to fit.

This can be a painstaking process and oftentimes we order boards in especially for the task.

Specially Ordered

One such example is The Finnesburg and Black Classic Chess Set, featuring a one-off Italian imported board made from Erable and Elm, and lacquered in olive green. Set on the board is a set of Finnesburg Brass and Nickel Chessmen. It is worth noting that every metal chess piece at Regency Chess is made using an exclusive, 30 year old mould in Florence, Italy. There is simply not another one on the planet.

This Ornate Chess Set accomplishes everything we are looking for in terms of quality, distinctiveness and, crucially, inimitability. A one off.

How we construct our Ornate Chess Sets

The main difference between our Ornate Chess Pieces and their Staunton Counterparts is the amount of creativity the craftsmen are allowed. While the Staunton Chessmen are bound by a classic shape, the Ornate pieces start off life blessed with a million possibilities. There are no rules and so there is no right and wrong in terms of design.

And, although this is the message we send out to our craftsmen before they start their work, we also insist on a strict line of standards including quality, weight and durability. Ticking these boxes is no mean feat when you consider the fine detail of chessmen such as the Lotus Flower and Cannon Series Chessmen, and just how difficult it is to also make these figurines durable enough for playing.

When a balance between our requirements and their creative spark is found we then narrow the search, including only pieces deemed to have a ‘special personality’ in the Regency Collection.

Heavy Ebony

Its safe to say that the St George Chess Set has exactly that. Based on a pre-Staunton design that was used by exclusive London Chess Clubs in the early 19th century, these heavy, solid ebony chessmen are placed upon a stunning Cocoa Ash Burl and Erable Deluxe Chess Board. The result is an Ornate Chess Set harkening back to the beginnings of club chess in England, with an Italian touch of decadence.

Why Choose an Ornate Chess Set?

This is question we are often asked here at Regency Chess as customers deliberate which chess set is best for them.

A direct answer is, of course, almost impossible to provide considering the uniqueness of the ornate chess set range. Many of the sets divide opinion in a way few others can, a fact that has prompted us to answer the aforementioned question simply by encouraging people to have a look at all of the Ornate Chess Sets.

It is only with this attention that a real decision can be made on this diverse selection, unlike other ranges where a stylistic opinion, either positive or negative, can encompass almost all of the sets.

So Let’s Take a Look

An introduction to our Ornate Chess Sets range must first include the diminutive Art Deco Walnut Chess Set because of its undoubted popularity. This idiosyncratic chess set takes on the role of ornament as much as chess set, while also holding to an affordable price of £69.99. Perfect as a gift, the Art Deco set’s minimalist style is a Regency Chess favourite.

At the other end of the price spectrum is the Maghreb Brass and Briarwood Chess Cabinet, a chess set comfortable in both the Ornate and Luxury categories.

Stunning Briarwood

Made in Florence, Italy, this set has the breathtaking qualities of beauty that reach much further than the realm of chess. The handmade cabinet is distinctive for the swirls of briarwood and maple that run naturally through its playing squares, while a rounded slide-in draw provides a home for the 4-Inch Brass and Nickel Maghreb Pieces.

All Price Ranges

The last preview into this collection, as we peer mischievously over the wall, finds us catch a glimpse of the understated Contemporary Series Wenge Chess Set. These pieces sold fantastically for a long while so we decided to match them with the equally popular Wenge and Maple Deluxe Chess board. Together these two classic components have combined to make one of the best selling chess sets in the regency collection.

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