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Sets with 21 to 24 inch Boards

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Constantine Series Ebony Chess Set

Constantine Series Ebony Chess Set

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Large Chess Sets - A huge selection of chess sets with boards 21 - 24 inches

Our range of chess sets features a vast array of sizes, from tiny three inch boards right up to huge sets that are two feet accross. This of course doesn't include the garden chess sets that are on a scale on their own. This section features all of our chess set with large boards, specifically larger than 21 inches. These chess sets feature a range of king heights but will generally have a minimum of 3.75 inch (for Staunton Style sets) with a maximum of 5 inches. The exception to the rule will be the lewis chessmen, these have a relatively short king, at just 3.25 inches, however they are very wide so can be found on much larger boards.

Large Piece Chess Set

Although this category of chess sets is categorised by the size of the boards, you can rightly assume that this is the place where you'll find the large piece chess sets. In fact, of the indoor sets, this section includes all of the largest pieces we have. It's worth noting that although 4.5 inches may not sound like a lot of length, it can be deceptive, a 4.5 inch chess piece set is very large and will need a large board. It's always worth measuring your table to ensure that you're able to accomodate a large chess board. We have taken care to ensure that every set has it's dimensions clearly listed, so you can be sure to buy the right size for your needs.

Large chess board

All of the chess sets in this category feature large chess boards, in fact the minimum size is 21 inches, which is very large. The size goes all the way up to 24 inches, so that's two feet from edge to edge. It may not be so easy to visualise, but these boards are all very large. All of the chess boards featured in this section are sourced from reputable European manufacturers including Italfama in Italy and Rechapados Ferrer in Spain. You can be assured of the highest quality on all sizes of chess board we sell.

Giant Chess Set

Often when people are looking for a giant chess set they are looking for a garden chess set. However in many cases the term giant chess set is used for large sets such as the ones in this 'by size' category. You'd be hard pressed to really refer to the sets in here as 'Giant' but they certainly are very large and have a huge amount of wow factor.