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Chess boards are something The Regency Chess Company have become famous for selling. We have stocked the biggest range of chess boards in the UK for some time now. We import boards from all over the world and have boards in our range that are unique to us. In 2012 we began importing the standard tournament grade chess board en mass to extend the reach of our offerings and provide chess clubs and schools with a reliable supplier of high quality and well priced equipment.

We essentially sell two types of tournament chess board, the roll up vinyl and the plastic folding board. We then offer both of these in green and black. The two most popular colours for chess tournaments. In terms of size we are selling the standard twenty inch boards with two and a quarter inch squares. This size is the most ideal for tournaments, it supports with the three and three quarter chessmen perfectly and has become the standard in almost all chess tournaments.

All of our tournament boards are sourced in bulk from the worlds biggest and most prominent chess supplier in China. By ordering large sea shipments of hundreds of boards at a time we are able to offer you the best prices on quantity orders. As with everything we sell stock is held in our UK based warehouse and is available for fast dispatch with either free shipping or next day delivery.

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