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Wooden Chess Sets

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The Wooden Chess Board has become the most popular, accepted and typical type of chess board in the world. Our Range of wooden chess sets is vast. We have the best selection of chess boards in Europe and a vast selection of very high quality wooden chess pieces. Our wooden chess sets section below showcases our most popular wooden chessmen and boards. The pieces have been matched perfectly with the boards to create some truly beautiful chess sets.

Top Sellers

When most people search for their ideal chess set they tend to look for a wooden chess set. Traditionally chess sets have always been wooden, indeed most chess sets in the world today are made from wood. Wood is such an ideal material, in fact most of the worlds finest and most expensive chess pieces are made from fine luxury hard woods. The Regency Chess Company presents the finest wooden chess sets to you, all of which are stocked in our UK based warehouse and ready for immediate dispatch. With the finest wood combinations and true attention to detail you simply won't find a better selection of wooden chess sets in the UK or Europe.

What Makes Wood So Special?

Wood is a material that has been used for centuries to enrich our lives. Everything from houses to chopping boards are made from wood and there is a type of wood for almost every application, from guitars and violins to hammers and table legs, wood is everywhere. The current age is the first time in our history that wood is becoming scarce, rare and endangered. As the environmental issues unfold wood is moving from a substance of abundance to something precious and scarce.

Select Woods are Increasing in Value

Of course certain woods are much more affected by this than others. Brazilian rosewood for example is now so rare and valuable that people keep stocks of it locked away in vaults. It is sold only to people intending to make priceless violins and super luxury guitars. Our wooden chess sets have been crafted from some really superb and valuable woods. Ebony, rosewood, sandalwood, and sheesham wood, all of which are rising in price and dwindling in stocks now that deforestation is mostly prohibited. Our range of wooden chess sets features countless wood types, some that are rapidly increasing in value as stocks run low.

Great Value Wooden Chess Sets

Our range of wooden chess sets certainly covers the full length and breadth of the price bands. We have sets of boards and pieces starting at under fifty pounds and heading well in the thousands. Even if you are only in the market for a more modest chess set bear in mind that even our budget chessmen are carefully sourced for their excellent quality and design. None of our chess boards are imported from China, in fact the boards on our budget sets are all sourced from Europe. Which ever set you choose to buy you can be confident that the quality will be unparalleled.

Large Wooden Chess Sets

Within our range of wooden chess sets are some really large sets. What people consider to be large can be very variable, while some people consider a sixteen inch chess set to be big, others want to see at least twenty inches before they would consider it large. Our range of wooden chess boards features sets from just over twelve inches right up to twenty four inches. We are of course referring to the size of the board, from one end to the other. A typical large chess set would be anything over twenty one inches.

Wooden chess set

Wood has been by far the most popular material for chess sets for centuries. It has the benefit of being relatively cheap, abundant, easy to work with, transport and form into shapes. There is also the added advantage that wood comes in a variety of colours, from a very pale cream to black with numerous hues and tones in between. There is no material that is more ideal for making chess piece. Chess boards are also typically made from wood for much the same reasons.

The wooden chess set represents one of the mainstays of our product range, we’ve sold tens of thousands of them over the years. While other materials also form quite a large part of the range, wood remains the most popular.

Wooden chess set handmade

All of our wooden chess sets are handmade. Our wooden chess pieces for example undergo a painstaking process to turn raw cubes of hardwood into fine, polished chessmen. All of our chess boards also have a deeply time consuming hand made element to their manufacture process. In fact if we place an order for some chess boards it can take as long as three months to get them all made and delivered. Due to the nature of our chess sets it would be futile and impossible to try to mass produce them so a 'by hand' method is the only option.

Best Wooden Chess Set

What is the best wooden chess set? This is obviously an objective question that's impossible to answer. So many factors are determined by personal choice. We can however say with a degree of authority that within our range of wooden chess sets are some of the very best in the world. Using the very best woods, production methods and some of the most experienced craftsmen. Our wooden chess sets have been satisfying customers for a decade and a half and we're delighted to know that there are now thousands of our superb chess sets being used all over the world.

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