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The Queens Gambit Season 2 – Why all the fake news?

As the owner of the UK’s largest online chess set retailer I am obviously hoping, wishing and wondering about The Queens Gambit season two being released. It’s hard to believe that it was over three years ago that the first series hit Netflix and created the storm that it did. Within weeks of it being released it had hit the number one spot and was being watched by millions of Netflix subscribers around the world.

Queens Gambit season two meme

For us as a retailer of fine chess sets  the Queens Gambit was without doubt the biggest event in our company history. In October 2020 when the series was just starting to become popular on Netflix we noticed a small uptick in sales. By the November demand just exploded and before we knew it we had a backlog of over a thousand orders for chess sets. The entire industry was rocked by this event in both good and bad ways.

Today things have settled right back down and like millions of people in the world we are wondering if there will ever be a series two of the Queens Gambit.

Continued fake news about the queens Gambit Season 2

Every few months I will receive a text from a friend that goes along the lines of ‘Hey, have you seen they’ve announced a second series of The Queens Gambit’. This is inevitably accompanied by a screen shot from twitter, Instagram or you tube with what appears to be an official Netflix post but is in fact a piece of clever fakery.

The infamous twitter hack

Queens gambit 2 twitter hack

Fans of the series jumped for joy when Anya Taylor Joys tweeted a seemingly subtle and cryptic message that implied the series was coming back. It didn’t take long for her to announce that she hadn’t tweeted it and her account had in fact been hacked. It’s astonishing that after hacking into the account of a now world famous actress the hacker uses the access to tweet about this! Maybe there are fans out there willing to go to any lengths to get a second series in production!

The Teaser Pro trailer on you tube

In 2022 the you tube account Teaser Pro released this extremely well edited trailer for season two of the Queens Gambit. It featured clips from the original and also clips from Pawn Sacrifice starring Tobey Maguire and mated them together brilliantly to create a hugely convincing trailer. At the time of writing the video has had nearly two million views.

The memes that fool us

Fake queens Gambit meme

This meme was sent to me by my friend Dan Evans, a very switched on cookie but he was caught off guard by the seemingly genuine looking Netflix branding and authentic look. There has been no end to these shared on social media over the last three years or so.

When will it be too late for a season two?

The Queens Gambit

It’s already been over three years and there will no doubt come a time when the window of opportunity has passed. While the series is still very much in peoples consciousness interest in it will soon begin to fade as it becomes just another part of the Netflix archive. In my opinion if a second season isn’t on the screen within the next two years then there will never be one.

Like many people I would love Netflix to do a season two, three and maybe four. The boost it gave the industry and chess in general was massive and during these darker economic days it would certainly bring a lot of cheer to many people. The original series was a superb piece of television that just had everything right. The casting, cinematography, props, research and story line were all at the top of their game. It was little wonder it was such a hit and little wonder so many people are desperate for Netflix to make the Queens Gambit Season 2.

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