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Product Quality

Product Quality

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Each and every chess product on our website has been selected for it's outstanding beauty and unsurpassed quality. When buying a chess set online it's often difficult to assess the quality of a product through the glass of your computer screen. We have carefully photographed each and every product in a true and representative way so that you can see exactly what you will be buying. We often get customers call to ask if the products really are as good in real life as they look in the photos. Our simple yet elegant product shots are of the actual product you will be purchasing, not a generic pack shot. You can therefore be assured that what you see, is what you will get when you place your order. The Regency Chess Company only works with suppliers who can provide us the best product quality.

Product Photography

All of the photos on our website are of our actual products, they have all been taken in our 'in house' photographic studio. Each product is photographed using professional studio equipment on a clean white background to ensure minimal distraction and 100% product focus. If we re source a product from a new supplier a new set of photos is taken. By doing this we can guarantee that our customers are sure of exactly what they are buying, and for those of you who are wondering the answer is YES, the products do look just as good in real life as they do in our product photos.

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