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Regency Chess UK Website Now In Top 100

This week released a list of the worlds top 100 chess websites listed by popularity. These rankings came from the well respected traffic analysis site Alexa and show the top one hundred chess websites in the world. We were delighted to see our very own site in position 95.

Not surprising was at number one, with plenty of other extremely well known sites also featuring near the top. The list can be viewed here. If you’re struggling to find your own site in the top one hundred there is a link near the top of the page to extend the list to the whole five hundred.

The Regency Chess Company began life in 2008 and since then the business has grown and grown. After almost six years in the business we are delighted to have become one of Europe’s most popular online chess retailers. Our business expansion continues and hopefully we’ll be posting more positive news like this on the blog in the future. A huge thank you goes out to all our customers and supporters.


UPDATE: The list of sites is dynamic and our position may rise or drop relative to the others in the list. At the original time of writing we were in position 95.


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