New & Exciting Brand Added To Regency Chess Website – Purling of London

As the years have gone on we’ve added more and more products to our website. It’s sometimes hard to believe that all this started back in 2008 with a handful of wooden chess sets. We now boast hundreds of lovely products and a worldwide reputation that does us proud. The list of premium brands that we stock continues to grow and a recent addition to this was Purling Of London. Purling is a relatively new company set up by the marketing genius Simon Perkis. What Simon has done is take a design classic from the mid 1800s and create a thoroughly modern contemporary product that is putting luxury chess sets back on the trendy map.






The essence of the Purling products is the painting of the sets. The range of Bold chess we now stock are all classic and traditional Staunton chessmen, but each piece has been expertly painted and buffed to a high gloss in a range of gorgeous colours. The painted theme goes a step further with their ‘Art Chess’ where unpainted pieces are given to known artists to decorate in their own style. These unique and fine sets are finding their way into some of the worlds best known interior design shops.


The Regency Chess Company has earned a reputation for selling some of the finest luxury chess products on the market. We’re delighted to have added these to our range. Check out our selection : Purling Of London Chess Sets




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