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Cool Chess Sets – Some of our coolest chess sets

We are often asked, what is your coolest chess set. It’s a difficult question to answer, we have hundreds of products on our chess retail website and it’s sometimes hard to determine which ones stand out as being particularly cool. Below is a list of our top three coolest chess sets (in our humble opinion).

  1. The Black Sovereign Luxury Chess Set

This set is one of our firm favourites. It’s a classic Staunton design and just looks absolutely stunning.

Luxury cool chess set

What makes it cool?

The main attraction to this set is the board. It’s Italian (enough said) and has been crafted to an extreme level. It’s high gloss and features stunning rich wood grains, lovely deep chocolate brown tones. The high gloss surface of the board reflects the stunning ebony chessmen which adds another dimension to it. The pieces themselves are classic Staunton, made to exacting standards of perfection. Ebony is a rare and valuable wood that constantly rises in price as it becomes more scarce, so this set will always retain a high value. There’s two additional queens, so when you reach that stage of the game when you can add a second queen to your army, there’s no need to improvise.

2. The Blue Metropolis chess set

This ultra cool set comes from Italy and aside from being amazing quality is also a design classic. We’ve been selling this set for years and it’s always been a firm favourite.

What makes it so cool?

Firstly the board is blue, a lovely deep rich blue with stunning grains and figuring. Blue might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s certainly striking. Secondly, it’s Italian, and pretty much everything that’s Italian is cool! The pieces are old school futuristic, they are based on a vision of the future that people had in the 1950s. The metal pieces have been expertly turned (lathed) rather than cast, which gives them a very cool precision engineered look.

3. The Alghero Onyx and marble chess set

This lovely chess set come from our friends in Italy is is certainly a very cool chess set

What makes it so cool?

What makes this set cool is the material. Onyx is a stunning natural mineral that has been adored by people for years. Every set is unique, the patterns in the onyx are naturally formed so you’ll never get two sets the same. It’s heavy, looks beautiful and will make for a real head turning centre piece in your home. Need we also mention that this set is also Italian. It comes from Italfama who are one of the worlds most established producers of luxury chess products.

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