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Opening Ceremony for the World Chess London 2013 Candidates Tournament

The Regency Chess Company was delighted to receive an invitation to the opening ceremony for the 2013 world chess London candidates tournament. The event took place last week on Thursday March 14th. Regency Chess Company founder Julian Deverell attended as did Darren Whiteman, the freelance web designer responsible for our Industry leading website.

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Sir Patrick Moore Rest In Peace

Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore with his Regency Chess Company chess set

It is with plenty of regret that we have to write that today, Sunday the ninth of December, we were advised of the passing of Sir Patrick Moore. Patrick needs no introduction, he is a familiar face and personality to many generations. His accomplishments in life dwarf that of most celebrities. His most famous achievements related to Astronomy where he pioneered, presented, developed and promoted the world of amateur star gazing.

Patrick died at the age of eighty nine but he was active and working almost until the end. His enthusiasm never ran out, he was still star gazing and sharing his knowledge with others. When you read his entry on wikipedia you will be amazed at how active and prolific Patrick was throughout his life. From playing music with Einstein to being the chairman of a Conservative fringe political party, an RAF bomber navigator, a teacher, world famous broadcaster and TV personality. To many he was one of the last remaining traditionalists, an Englishman through and through.

He was a keen chess player, often playing multiple games in a day. In his later years he complained how his arthritis prevented him from playing chess, he kept knocking the pieces over. His request for an over sized pegged chess set fell on deaf ears until the Astronomy students from King Edwards School in Bath decided that even if such an item didn’t exist, he would have one. We at the Regency Chess Company and the boys from the School created the set which he used regularly until his death.

Patrick shared his birthday (March 4th) with Regency Chess Company owner and founder Julian Deverell. He will be sorely missed by us all.

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New Range Of Garden Chess Sets Now Available

We are delighted to be writing this post in the middle of a heat wave. 2012 has involved a lot of waiting when it came to the summer weather, but it seems that it’s here at last. As if the timing couldn’t be more perfect we have just launched a range of four outdoor chess sets.

These sets are all high quality, weather proof plastic models in eight, twelve, sixteen and twenty four inch (king height) variants. The twenty four inch set is an epic chess set with a board that spans ten feet across. The board is sectional and ideal for the lawn while the pieces can easily be filled with sand or water to weight them down during windy summer days.

We have sourced these sets directly from the manufacturer and cut out the UK based middle man. This means we are able to offer you the best prices on outdoor and giant chess sets.

Giant Garden Chess Set
Our largest Giant Chess Set




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New Dal Negro Backgammon Sets In Stock Shortly

The Regency Chess Company is famous for selling chess sets. But it’s always worth remembering that we are the UK’s biggest stockist of backgammon sets. We stock the famous names in Backgammon including the legendary Dal Negro sets. Dal Negro need little introduction as one of the worlds most famous producers of high quality wooden games. Their company started in the 1700s, so to say they have heritage would be an understatement.

During the last 12 months they have completely changed their range of backgammon sets, during the transition they stopped making wooden sets which meant we were unable to supply them for a few months. They have just released three new models however, and as the UK’s best stockist of Dal Negro sets we are about to add them to the website.

Whats surprising is that Dal Negro have managed to increase their level of quality and finish on these new sets compared to their old ones. The standard of finishing on the wood is amazing, the construction solid and the weight and feel is what you would expect from such a top end luxury product. The only thing that we feel lets these sets down is the dice. They are good quality, but not amazing quality like the rest of the set. Keen players may wish to upgrade their dice. We will of course be feeding this back to the company.

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Manopoulos Backgammon Sets Now In Stock At Regency Chess

The Regency Chess Company is very proud to introduce a brand new supplier to our ranks. Manopoulos are based in Greece and have been manufacturing finely crafted wooden products for over twenty years. A family run company with in house production and an obsession with quality and design.

One of the things we loved so much about their backgammon sets was the amazing variety of rich hardwoods on offer. The company isn’t resting on their laurels or heritage, instead they create new products every year and strive to further improve production and quality. We have high hopes for the range of backgammon that Manopoulos are supplying and expect them to form an essential part of our Backgammon selection.

Before I sign off there should of course be a mention of the amazing Greek chess sets coming from this superb brand. With pieces and boards made from solid metals with amazing lacquers and antique style finishes. When we have finished selecting the sets we plan on stocking, we will have a small but excellent range of fine Greek chess sets for your perusal. Check out the current range of Manopoulos products here

Backgamon Set