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Rechapados Ferrer Chess Boards (Supplier Profile)

This particular supplier started life as furniture makers before they started producing chess boards – and no one is more delighted than us that they did. Innovation and craftsmanship personified, Rechapados Ferrer chess boards are intricately crafted. It’s clear that their skill and experience in producing wooden furniture has been taken and applied to the world of chess, and this is one of the many reasons they produce such good products.


The company was founded during the late fifties in a town called La Garriga (which is about 50km outside of Barcelona) by Juan Ferrer, and his wife Teresa Mercader. As a family business the company’s legacy has been continued by Joan Ferrer Mercader who has now taken over as manager.

Rechapados Ferrer is well known in the chess industry, and since moving into chess their core operations have now switched to the production and distribution chess boards rather than furniture. Each product is made with quality in mind and this is reflected by our customer feedback.

What Makes Rechapados Ferrer Special

Their unique experience of working with lacquers and their craftsmanship with wood is another reason why we have selected Rechapados Ferrer. Examining their products it’s easy to see that they’ve been making chessboards for many years, and working with wood for even longer. They provide us with a huge variety of chess boards and perhaps their most appealing quality is their finish. We count on them to supply us with some of the best designed and crafted chess boards available.

Their boards range from a variety of modern designs and wood finishes; from maple to walnut. Each board is made from the higheast grade materials, and are perfect for not only day to day use but also for display. This is also why we receive so many orders for Rechapados Ferrer’s products,, and such good feedback. We’ve been continually supplying their chess boards to happy customers since 2008.

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