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Garde Analogue Chess Clocks

The finest analogue chess clocks come from the German timepiece company Garde, founded in 1862. Our Garde analogue clock is not only of the highest quality, but it also the largest non-digital clock on the market … at 8¾” long x 5″ high x 2¼” deep, with the clock face at 3″ in diameter. It has a bright clear contemporary clock face that harmonizes nicely with the light wooden finished case.


Before the advent of digital chess clocks, this was the tournament standard for Grandmaster tournaments, including The World Championship in London England between Nigel Short and Garry Kasparov. The only other worthy competitor, Jerger, is no longer available – other wooden clocks on the market just do not approach the Garde product aesthetically or with respect to functionality.

Whether you are one of the many who dislikes fiddling with settings on digital clocks, or one who simply appreciates simple quality, Garde is the gold standard in mechanical Chess Clocks.

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Manopoulos Backgammon Sets (Supplier Profile)

Manopoulos are a supplier that will go to any lengths to ensure that the quality of their products is nothing short of excellent. The Greek game manufacturer is renowned for producing spectacular backgammon and chess sets which is why they have enjoyed so much success.

What we like most about Manopoulos games is that they are hand crafted. The fact that they don’t mass produce products is one of the main reasons we selected them as a supplier. Choosing Manopoulos was one of the best decisions we’ve made and this is regularly reenforced through our customers’ feedback.

Manopoulos – A History

Manopoulos has come a long way since it was formed in 1970. Originally known as C.Manopoulos S.A, the company started off by exclusively making chess sets. It later expanded to produce backgammon sets in a variety of wood combinations and unique designs – and this has become one of their specialisms. One of the things that impresses us about Manopoulos is the sharp and elegant design of their products. We were bombarded with positive reviews and  feedback from the moment we started selling their backgammon range,

Luxury Chess Sets

The company has taken the simple game of chess and produced products that are a work of art. In fact some of their chess pieces look like collector’s items – and for good reason. For example, one of the company’s product ranges are chess pieces shaped like historical Greek figures or fashioned after popular legends from Greek mythology.

The strategic nature of chess compliments the unique design of the pieces which seems to pit mythological and historical figures against each other. It is no wonder why the company’s products leave chess and history enthusiasts so excited.

Luxury Backgammon Sets

The company’s Greek influences aren’t limited to their chess sets either. Manopoulos are one of our biggest suppliers of backgammon sets and add real value to our product range. Their backgammon sets are beautifully handcrafted, and represent excellent value. The chips themselves are made from Greek olive wood and stained with colour. If that wasn’t enough, the sets also come with an attractive black bag with the impressive Manopoulos logo emblazoned on the front.

The company offers a range of specialized backgammon sets. These come in closed cases making them easier to carry and the pegged design makes it easy to play in the back of a car. Other items include the 19-inch Mahogany Backgammon Set, Compact Walnut and Maple Backgammon set as well as the “Deluxe” version.

Whether you want to treat yourself to an early Birthday present or are looking for a present that will make someone’s day, Manopoulos backgammon sets are bound to please with their superb craftsmanship and aesthetic quality.

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Hector Saxe (Supplier Profile)

Our customers rely on us to sell only the best backgammon sets, sourced from the worlds finest manufacturers. This is why we spend a great deal of time carefully selecting suppliers, and examining their products to ensure we only select the best. Providing our customers with the best backgammon sets that the board game industry has to offer – and this is why Hector Saxe is one of our most valued suppliers of quality backgammon sets.

We sell a  variety of Hector Saxe standard competition sets and we are continually impressed by their quality, durability and sophistication.


The Paris based manufacturer has been producing and supplying luxury backgammon sets since 1978. Their factory is located on the outskirts of Paris, with outlets situated in the heart of the city.

What makes Hector Saxe Special?

If you ever come across a backgammon set that is made from the finest cowhide, croc or snake skin chances are that it will have a Hector Saxe logo embossed inside the  casing. Hector Saxe is well known for creating handmade backgammon sets that are as exciting to look at as they are to play on.

Hector Saxe’s classic designs are superb. Especially their faux leather sets that are particularly popular with professional backgammon players. The quality and finish of these sets is extremely high – they are hand sealed and jointed whilst the interiors are made from the softest padded felt.

Most sets include 30 playing pieces and they are all carefully made – some with a Mother of Pearl effect which adds an additional air of sophistication. Even the dice holders are expertly made. Each holder comes covered in the same material as the set, to create a perfect match.

For example, if a Hector Saxe backgammon set has an inlay of brown or tan faux leather the dice cups will be covered and colour matched accordingly.  All Hector Saxe backgammon sets are available in a variety of colours and materials – with faux leather sets being some of our most popular sellers.  It is obvious why Hector Saxe has products which are so popular; with backgammon enthusiasts as well as consumers.

We stock a wide variety of Hector Saxe products and we regularly receive positive feedback from customers who have bought these backgammon sets from us.

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Italfama Chess Boards and Chess Pieces (Supplier Profile)

Considered to be the masters of the sleek and the elegant, Italfama is an Italian based board game manufacturer who produce chess boards and chess pieces.

We knew we were going to be supplying something special when we received our first samples from Italfama. Their handcrafted chess boards and pieces were so impressive that we knew we had to bring their products to our customers.

Chess Designs at their Best

When we want the best chest boards that are available these are the manufacturers that we turn to. And when we say that they make best chess boards, we mean it. Italfama has taken the art of luxury chess design to the next (and let’s not hope ultimate) level. They are based in Florence and make a huge variety of chess sets for chess enthusiasts and consumers. Needless to say, their products are more than just board games. They are works of art that you can not only play with, but also make superb display pieces.

Their boards are often combined with some of our luxury chess pieces to create beautiful chess sets – product combinations that are unique. Our customers also agree, as is apparent from the amazing reviews we’ve had. Of course, because each set is intricately designed from the smallest pawn to the most finely finished board, Italfama chess products are also some of the most exclusive. Their unique and elegant inlays are enough to impress even the most critical chess connoisseurs, and alongside their beautiful boards Italfama also make beautiful metal chess pieces.

What makes Italfama Special

Italfama has been in business for over 30 years. All of the chess pieces and boards are designed and fabricated by professional craftsmen with years of experience. The Pièce de résistance amongst their range of impressive products are their high gloss chess boards that have to be seen to be believed.

Pretty Pieces all in a Row

All of the Italfama chess pieces are handcrafted in Italy and are made from metals like brass, nickel, gold and silver.  Each piece is hand finished and polished, with felt pads added to protect the playing surface. They are simply stunning.



Closing Thoughts

We’ve always been able to depend on this supplier, they produce some of the most stunning products, hand crafted in Italy. As suppliers they are extremely reliable, their products are high quality, and are nicely presented and well packaged. Each product is beautifully finished and they are one of our favourite suppliers, we highly recommend them!


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Rechapados Ferrer Chess Boards (Supplier Profile)

This particular supplier started life as furniture makers before they started producing chess boards – and no one is more delighted than us that they did. Innovation and craftsmanship personified, Rechapados Ferrer chess boards are intricately crafted. It’s clear that their skill and experience in producing wooden furniture has been taken and applied to the world of chess, and this is one of the many reasons they produce such good products.


The company was founded during the late fifties in a town called La Garriga (which is about 50km outside of Barcelona) by Juan Ferrer, and his wife Teresa Mercader. As a family business the company’s legacy has been continued by Joan Ferrer Mercader who has now taken over as manager.

Rechapados Ferrer is well known in the chess industry, and since moving into chess their core operations have now switched to the production and distribution chess boards rather than furniture. Each product is made with quality in mind and this is reflected by our customer feedback.

What Makes Rechapados Ferrer Special

Their unique experience of working with lacquers and their craftsmanship with wood is another reason why we have selected Rechapados Ferrer. Examining their products it’s easy to see that they’ve been making chessboards for many years, and working with wood for even longer. They provide us with a huge variety of chess boards and perhaps their most appealing quality is their finish. We count on them to supply us with some of the best designed and crafted chess boards available.

Their boards range from a variety of modern designs and wood finishes; from maple to walnut. Each board is made from the higheast grade materials, and are perfect for not only day to day use but also for display. This is also why we receive so many orders for Rechapados Ferrer’s products,, and such good feedback. We’ve been continually supplying their chess boards to happy customers since 2008.

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Dal Negro – Italy’s leading backgammon and game manufacturer

Dal Negro is one of the leading game manufacturers in Italy. The company was once renowned only for its playing cards, but has since established an enviable reputation for the board games it products – like our specialised backgammon and chess sets. When we want luxury backgammon sets, these are the guys we go to – and they have recently released a new and improved backgammon range.

Don’t be surprised to find other manufacturers who copy their designs, the quality and finish of their backgammon sets are so good that games from other manufacturers often pale in comparison. Dal Negro have some of the finest products on the market, and we are delighted to sell them to our customers.

Company Origin

Dal Negro was originally owned by an Austrian company in 1795. Its staple products were playing cards which it produced for 170 years until the end of World War I. In 1928, after the end of WWI, the company was sold to the Dal Negro Family and from this grew into the company that we recognise today.

After its purchase, Dal Negro expanded and improved their product range, with the help of new technological advancements. In time, what was once a small company based in Austria became a globally recognised brand, supplying the world with their playing cards. As the company grew further it gradually started to make specialised backgammon sets, gaming boxes and similar products.

Before long the company’s expansion and enormous growth compelled it to look for larger headquarters which is when it moved to the Viale F.LLi Bandiera, Treviso in North East Italy from its original factory in Piazza Tommasini.

Popular Games and Merchandise

Dal Negro is now most commonly associated with playing cards, backgammon sets and games. Alongside this the brand also make an assortment of other merchandise like watches and accessories.

Dal Negro’s classic backgammon sets include the Dal Negro Luxury Composite Backgammon Set which comes with a resilient brick red fabric with red stitching on the inside. The playing pieces are extra large and come in a beautiful Prussian blue and chartreuse with a lilac background. Inclusive items include pearlescent effect rubber lined dice shakers with dice. The playing stones also have Dal Negro etched on both sides as well.

Game Sets

Dal Negro’s wooden or Topina leather sets are also popular with our customers. Each set is intricately designed with an attention to detail that is exceptional. In other words, a Dal Negro backgammon set isn’t just a board game; it is a work of art. Dal Negro’s latest Deluxe fabric Backgammon is a perfect example.

Other games in the company’s range include specialised chess boards, chess pieces, playing card boxes, dealer sets, dominoes cases, and miscellaneous board game accessories.

What makes Dal Negro Special

The quality and finish of its products, and the company’s heritage, are the main reasons Dal Negro is such an exclusive brand.

Dal Negro has also expanded as a business by offering merchandise like specialised game cards depicting Disney characters, clothing and writing accessories. The company offers merchandise for both men and women in the form of exclusive watches as well as accompanying accessories like an assortment of jewellery boxes for watches.

Looking at their products it is easy to see why Dal Negro enjoy the popularity that they do. 170 years has seen the company evolve from producing simple playing card decks to backgammon sets that are a work of art.