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Chess Clocks Add Intensity to Matches

The ticking chess clock!

Chess is widely regarded as the gentlemen’s game, often requiring calm and dedication as one works their pieces around the board, taking their opponent’s pieces and seeking for that elusive checkmate.  But chess can be a very intense sport, especially in competitive chess tournaments or games between opponents who know each other well, and desperately wish to outwit their compatriot.  Another manner in which one can add a bit of intensity to their next chess match is through the use of a chess clock.  Chess clocks add a ticking clock to each turn, and certainly work to add a bit of drama to your chess matches while the players must not only battle their opponent, but the time that ebbs away with every passing second.

A chess clock that ticks away one’s available time puts pressure on a player.  Instead of being afforded the luxury of deeply analyzing every single potential move, a player now must simply gather their thoughts and bravely push onward.  Not only does a chess clock lead to more mistakes and dangerous play, but it rapidly speeds up any chess match and also forces players to think quickly.  This will help develop your chess skills and improve your focus.

There are two main types of chess clocks favored by players: digital chess clocks and mechanical chess clocks.  Both serve the same purpose of timing a players’ every move, but their appearance often differs greatly.

Mechanical chess clocks are generally more pleasing to the eye and help enhance a classier chess set.  Featuring two classic circular clocks with hands that spin around to tell the time, these clocks are better for fancy chess sets in elegant settings.  As the clock spins down to that final moment when one must make their move, players and spectators can watch with interest and the building intensity of the game.

Digital chess clocks merely display the two numbers of minutes left and are often much smaller than the traditional mechanical chess clocks.  This can be ideal for some chess players as the digital clocks are easier to transport and can often fit right into one’s pocket.  However, these styles of chess clocks are usually less fashionable, and their tiny displays limit the ability of spectators to see the time remaining.  But, these digital clocks are more than suitable for the two players and can even increase the intensity to a much higher level.  Anyone who has seen a James Bond movie understands the exciting doom portrayed by a ticking digital clock (though such clocks are usually attached to nuclear weapons!).  A similar level of excitement can emerge from a digital chess clock in a chess match, and the player certainly will feel the weight of that moving clock!

Whichever option you feel is right for your chess needs will be more than adequate.  Many chess players only will play the game with a proper chess clock, and The Regency Chess Company is here to help fulfill such needs.  With a great supply of both stylish mechanical chess clocks and portable digital chess clocks, you will certainly find the right clock to place alongside your chess set!

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