5th wedding anniversary gifts for husband

5th wedding anniversary gifts for husband aren’t always easy to choose but luckily we’ve managed to put together a lovely selection of wooden gift ideas with a massive ‘wow’ factor. I know if you’re like me then you often rack your mind for hours trying to think of the ultimate wedding anniversary gift. You want something that has a good wow factor, something that shows you thought about it, and something that is going to last and create a long loving memory. If you’re buying a gift for him then a Luxury or mid range wooden chess, backgammon or mah jong set is the ideal present. It’ll be something that fits in perfectly with the fifth anniversary but will still be around on the 50th!

Below are some products that have been selected by myself (the owner of the business) that are the perfect solution for a fifth wedding anniversary gift for your husband. As it turns out, I am writing this just four days prior to my own fifth wedding anniversary.


The first chess set has to be the Sovereign Luxury Ebony and Walnut Chess Set

Sovereign luxury chess set

This amazing chess set has an incredible wow factor. It’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for the perfect fifth wedding anniversary present and your man has an interest in chess, this set is certain to make him happy. The pieces are real ebony (for the dark side) and are expertly crafted in the classic traditional Staunton style. There is nothing too custom, fancy or outlandish about this set which means anyone who likes chess, will love this set.


If you’re budget is limited but you still want to make him smile there’s the Highclere Ebony and Walnut chess set








This lovely chess set is very similar to the first one, has a lower price point but still features real ebony chessmen and a stunning Italian dark walnut chess board. It’s slightly smaller than the first example but looks just as striking. A set of this quality will be around for your 5th wedding anniversary, and also your 50th.


The Dal Negro London Luxury Walnut Backgammon Set.  There simply is no better backgammon set than an Italian Dal Negro Set

Dal Negro Backgammon set


A stunning set from the master craftsmen at Dal Negro in Italy. A substantial product that will outlast both of you and be passed down for future generations. We are always delighted with the offerings from this company who have a history going back over one hundred years. We’ve sold many as wedding presents but given it’s made almost entirely from wood, it’s perfectly suited to a 5th anniversary.


Wood Anniversary gifts for him

Most of what we sell at The Regency Chess Company is made from wood, so there’s little surprise that we stock some ideal gifts for the 5th wedding anniversary. We supply products made from a variety of extremely high quality, and in some cases, rare hard woods. It’s also worth noting that many of the woods concerned, such as ebony, are constantly rising in price and becoming more and more scarce. So many of our sets represent excellent investments. The list of wedding anniversary gifts states that wood is the traditional gift material for both the UK and USA regions but does list silverware as the modern alternative. If you wanted to cover all bases you’d need a gift that was made from both wood and silver!


The Dal Negro Luxury Walnut Mah Jong Set








The Italian company Dal Negro have presented another superb luxury product to us in the form of this lovely Walnut Mah Jong set. The set has been crafted in Italy to an excellent standard. It’s a heavy and substantial set with very tactile game pieces and a very high quality of finish. It will make the ideal gift for that special someone and it has the benefit of being a great two player game as well as a few more if you’re that way inclined. An ideal gift for any wedding anniversary but highly appropriate for the fifth one.




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