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Gary Kasparov Arrested Outside Pussy Riot Trial In Russia – Breaking News

Gary Kasparov Arrested
Gary Kasparov being arrested by Russian security

A shocking development in the ongoing saga of the Russian show trial is the arrest and beating of one of the worlds most respected intellectuals, Gary Kasparov. Kasparov is a long serving pro democracy leader and campaigner who was attending the trial today, Friday the 17th of August.

The Trial Of ‘Pussy Riot’ has been featuring strongly in the news lately. A controversial feminist punk band who had created a music video that the Russian authorities found offensive. They have spent months in custody awaiting trial and today were sentenced to two years in prison for their ‘crimes’ against the state.

The whole sorry saga opens up a huge debate on the state of Russian politics and their stance on human rights. Some commentators have stated that we are seeing a return to the old Russian ways.

There is little doubt that the chess world will be rocked by the news that one of our greatest champions has been arrested in this way, lets hope and pray for a sensible resolution.

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