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Dal Negro – Italy’s leading backgammon and game manufacturer

Dal Negro is one of the leading game manufacturers in Italy. The company was once renowned only for its playing cards, but has since established an enviable reputation for the board games it products – like our specialised backgammon and chess sets. When we want luxury backgammon sets, these are the guys we go to – and they have recently released a new and improved backgammon range.

Don’t be surprised to find other manufacturers who copy their designs, the quality and finish of their backgammon sets are so good that games from other manufacturers often pale in comparison. Dal Negro have some of the finest products on the market, and we are delighted to sell them to our customers.

Company Origin

Dal Negro was originally owned by an Austrian company in 1795. Its staple products were playing cards which it produced for 170 years until the end of World War I. In 1928, after the end of WWI, the company was sold to the Dal Negro Family and from this grew into the company that we recognise today.

After its purchase, Dal Negro expanded and improved their product range, with the help of new technological advancements. In time, what was once a small company based in Austria became a globally recognised brand, supplying the world with their playing cards. As the company grew further it gradually started to make specialised backgammon sets, gaming boxes and similar products.

Before long the company’s expansion and enormous growth compelled it to look for larger headquarters which is when it moved to the Viale F.LLi Bandiera, Treviso in North East Italy from its original factory in Piazza Tommasini.

Popular Games and Merchandise

Dal Negro is now most commonly associated with playing cards, backgammon sets and games. Alongside this the brand also make an assortment of other merchandise like watches and accessories.

Dal Negro’s classic backgammon sets include the Dal Negro Luxury Composite Backgammon Set which comes with a resilient brick red fabric with red stitching on the inside. The playing pieces are extra large and come in a beautiful Prussian blue and chartreuse with a lilac background. Inclusive items include pearlescent effect rubber lined dice shakers with dice. The playing stones also have Dal Negro etched on both sides as well.

Game Sets

Dal Negro’s wooden or Topina leather sets are also popular with our customers. Each set is intricately designed with an attention to detail that is exceptional. In other words, a Dal Negro backgammon set isn’t just a board game; it is a work of art. Dal Negro’s latest Deluxe fabric Backgammon is a perfect example.

Other games in the company’s range include specialised chess boards, chess pieces, playing card boxes, dealer sets, dominoes cases, and miscellaneous board game accessories.

What makes Dal Negro Special

The quality and finish of its products, and the company’s heritage, are the main reasons Dal Negro is such an exclusive brand.

Dal Negro has also expanded as a business by offering merchandise like specialised game cards depicting Disney characters, clothing and writing accessories. The company offers merchandise for both men and women in the form of exclusive watches as well as accompanying accessories like an assortment of jewellery boxes for watches.

Looking at their products it is easy to see why Dal Negro enjoy the popularity that they do. 170 years has seen the company evolve from producing simple playing card decks to backgammon sets that are a work of art.

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