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World Chess London 2013 Candidates Tournament Closing Ceremony

The finale of the 2013 world chess candidates tournament was a prestigious event held at number eleven Downing street, the home of current Chancellor George Osbourne MP. The purpose of the event was to crown the winner of the tournament and seal off the end of what has proved to be an amazing event in UK chess.

Closing Ceremony
The Winner Magnus Carlsen, George Osbourne, Andrew Paulson & the FIDE president









Who was there?

The event was hosted by AGON founder Andrew Paulson and was attended by the president of FIDE, the chancellor George Osbourne MP, Magnus Carlsen and a host of other world class chess players. Also present were key figures from the UK chess set retail industry including Malcolm Pein, Michael Lee, Barry Turner and Julian Deverell, the founder of The Regency Chess Company.

Julian Deverell, Barry Turner & Michael Lee
Julian Deverell, Barry Turner & Michael Lee Together Outside Number Ten.













Why Downing Street?

AGON are bringing the world of chess back to the forefront and this event will be one many high profile ones to further promote chess. AGON founder Andrew Paulson is working hard to put chess back on the media stage, back on the television and to make todays chess champions as famous as they were back in the 1970s.

Regeny Chess Director Posing Outside Number Ten
Julian Deverell Couldn’t resist this photo opportunity










Why Were We Invited?

Part of the world chess project has involved the release of a new official chess set. The World Chess Championship Chess Set. This new design has the endorsement of FIDE and will become a very familiar sight in all the coming chess tournaments. The Regency Chess Company was of course selected to be one of the key retailers of this set in Europe. Key industry leaders knew that we would make an excellent job of photographing, marketing, promoting and selling the new set so it made sense to have us on board with this amazing new project.

Julian Deverell & George Osbourne
Regency Chess Company Owner & Founder Discusses The New Chess Set With Chancellor George Osbourne













A Great Way To End An Amazing Tournament

The event was a huge success and there couldn’t have been a better way to close off the 2013 tournament and crown the winner. This surely won’t be the last high profile chess event organised by AGON who own the rights to the tournament for another decade.

Julian Deverell_Hannah Brooks_Michael Lee
Julian Deverell From Regency Chess, Michael Lee From SAC & Hannah Brooks Discuss The Design Of The New Official Chess Set












A full and comprehensive photo gallery of the whole event can be viewed here

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