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Seeing Is Believing - The Regency Chess Company Showroom

The Regency Chess Company showroom no longer exists within the warehouse due to space issues. We are however still able to welcome customers in to look at any products they wish. Please call us on 01373 469741 to book an appointment. Purchases can be made on the premises (card/cash accepted).

Regency Chess Showroom imageYou have decided that it can't be put off any longer. For years you have been telling yourself you will buy a nice chess set, something that's going to last the rest of your life and beyond. Into town you go, debit card in hand, looking for the perfect chess set. Five hours later you are back at home staring at your computer screen wondering why it's become impossible to buy a chess set on the high street. It's a sad fact that most of the high street specialist games retailers have shut up shop and either gone online, or out of business all together. It seems that online shopping is your only option.

Typing chess sets into your favourite search engine will reveal a small handful of credible retailers and a few pages of home based 'stock in the garage' online sellers left over from the online retail craze of the early noughties. Whereas your visit to the high street probably revealed a single figure number of sets to choose from, the choice online is vast, so vast in fact that you are now over whelmed with choice.

Because the chess set market is a fairly small one it has become normal for retailers to stock their own brands of chess set, sourced from many corners of the globe. There are in fact very few household names in the chess set industry which makes it more confusing for the would be buyer. When buying online it's sometimes impossible to know if you are buying a finely crafted piece of Italian furniture, or a piece of mass produced Chinese rubbish.

Regency Chess Showroom Closeup imageWhile you sit at your computer sifting through hundreds of product listings the obvious thought is that it would be much easier to make up your mind if you could see, feel and touch the sets before you finalise your decision. The Regency Chess Company is the only dedicated online chess shop that has gone to extra mile and set up a customer showroom where you can see, feel and touch the sets before you buy. In fact one customer even insisted on playing chess on his set before he finally made up his mind to buy it.

Of the online chess retailers Regency was the first to offer to show it's products to the public in this way. One has to ask why the competition were so slow to react? Since the early days of online retail there has always been those who present tatty second grade products as high quality items online. Some clever photography dresses up the worst piece of junk as a nicely made item of desire which only becomes apparent after you have placed the order and received the goods.

It would seem obvious that any legitimate online business selling good quality products should be more than happy for the public to see them. So why are most of the online chess retailers failing to do so? or worst still, pretending they have warehouse and showroom facilities when in reality they are selling sets from a spare room and a garage at their residential address.

The Regency Chess Company showroom is based just outside of Frome in Somerset, that's about thirteen miles from the beautiful Georgian city of Bath. If this is too much of a drive for you then it's no problem. By ordering online from Regency you can rest assured that your chess set is more than good enough to show off to members of the public, and worth every penny. Remember, the rule is: If it's not on display, be on your way.

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