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17 to 18 Inch Chess Boards

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Introducing the Deluxe Range

Here at Regency Chess there is no doubt that the 17 to 18 inch boards, which are roughly 43cm to 46 cm, are accepted as the most convenient to play on and store away. Some smaller boards accommodate pieces that can be fiddly, while some larger boards almost overreach the game. The 17 to 18 inch boards give the player room to really watch the game from any angle, undisturbed by any extrinsic factors. We are so confident in this size that this is where we decided to introduce customers to the full Regency chess deluxe range. These Spanish made boards are all supplied by Rechapados Ferrer S.A, a company we have long trusted because of the quality they produce and obvious care they take when making their boards. The skill of their craftsmanship is reflected in the wide range of woods they use, including Ebony, Ash, Maple and Palisander.

17.7 Inch Black Anegre and Palisander Deluxe Chess Set

In fact, the Black Anegre and Palisander Board is the best selling board under 18 inches.It’s distinct, natural wood frames the traditional black and white playing squares that compliment a number of Regency Chess Pieces. This board is also available in three other sizes right here. Staying within this 17 to 18 inch category, however, offers a good chance to appreciate the care our Spanish partners take when making these boards. Take a look, for example, at the delicate wood used to create a Lacquered Cocoa Ash Burl an Erable Deluxe Chess Board.

Lacquered Cocoa Ash Burl an Erable Deluxe Chess Board

The intricate wood grain swirls around the board, with a commitment for allowing the natural flow of the wood to define the board’s appearance. The same can be said for the extraordinary Tiger Ebony and Maple Deluxe Chess Board , where the narrative is again written by a roaming grain pattern.

Tiger Ebony & Maple Deluxe Chess Board

Conversely, the 17 to 18 inch category is also home to the extremely tight, deep red wood grain of Wenge (pronounced Wen-Gee). The Wenge and Maple Deluxe Board, along with the Walnut and Maple Boards, are the cheaper options in this section.

Walnut and Maple Boards

And, although there appearance is less extravagant, these boards are just as well made and caringly crafted as their peers.

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