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Wooden Backgammon Sets

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Wooden Backgammon Sets

These Wooden Backgammon Sets are sure to be a favorite of traditionalists and long-time fans of the game. Taking a cue from the classic backgammon boards of the mid-20th century, these Wooden sets feature sleek and simple designs built from some of the finest woods available. Whether you prefer the more spartan and straightforward design of our Birchwood Inlaid set or the bolder complexity of our Stained Beech with Ebony Effect Inlay, you'll be blown away by the attention to detail and nostalgic look of these Backgammon boards. What's more, the sturdy wooden construction allows each board to remain lightweight and portable while still remaining solid enough to last for many years to come.

Backgammon Sets

Backgammon sets come in a variety of styles and types. The most notable feature of the set is most often the material used to make it. Wood and fake leather are the most common materials used but it's not unusual to see sets for sale made from metal or even plastic. Backgammon sets will vary in price hugely depending on the materials used to make them. Expect to pay quite a premium for a real leather set or sets made from fine luxury hardwoods. Fake leather is often used to very good effect, even luxury games manufacturer Dal Negro use a fake leather material for their sets as opposed to real genuine leather. The quality of backgammon sets is often determined by the price, they don't deviate far from the principle that you get what you pay for. While cheap backgammon sets are great there is nothing quite like a superb luxury set with a three, or even four figure price tag.

Italian Backgammon Sets

Among our range of backgammon sets are some fine Italian backgammon sets from the legendary games manufacturer Dal Negro. If you are looking for a superb wooden set that makes no compromise in terms of quality and finish then these should be near the top of your short list. As with all things Italian they have a touch of class that out other sets just don't posses.

Buy Backgammon Sets

If you are shopping online for a backgammon set there is usually plenty to choose from. You can buy anything from a very basic set right up to a super luxury piece of furniture. As with most items of wooden craft work you very much get what you pay for. Backgammon sets are made in huge quantities by far eastern mass producers as well as in smaller numbers by more prestigious European companies. A high quality set won't make your game playing ability any better, but will be far more appealing to pay on and more likely to create a sense of great occasion for the game.

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