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Chess Boards

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Widest Selection of Chess Boards in the UK

Our range of chess boards is without doubt the largest in the United Kingdom and possibly Europe. We stock a vast array of styles and sizes and we cater for all price points. Our range includes products from Spain, Italy, Poland, India and the USA. Within our range you will find both solid and veneer products and some that are hand crafted and others that have a more manufactured feel to them. Whichever board you choose you can be assured that The Regency Chess Company will only stock products of high quality and consistency. In fact all the chess boards we have for sale have been selected for their quality, finish, durability and excellent quality control.

The range of veneer boards features a host of designs and colours in a wide variety of sizes. All of our veneer chess boards are sourced from reliable European suppliers who guarantee an exceptional level of quality. We supply veneer boards in both natural satin finished and high gloss lacquer. For those who are looking for a high quality crafted board that has been manufactured to precise and exact standards then our range is certain to cater for your needs.


There is little point in buying the worlds’ finest wooden chess pieces and putting them on a standard chess board. We sell a range of fine luxury wooden chess boards from Italy and Poland that have been finely crafted to perfection. Our luxury chess boards are the finest you will find in the UK and most of Europe. Each one produced from excellent cuts of fine rare hardwoods. If you are looking to sit your prized chess pieces on a deserving board then look no further than our range of fine Italian chess boards. Our chess boards are available in sizes from 12 inches up to 24 inches. They are organized in categories according to their size, each of our listings will show the square size of the board which is the critical measurement required to match your chessmen to the ideal board.

Italian Chess Boards

Our range wouldn't be complete without some finely crafted Italian chess boards. We are proud stockists of the Italfama range of chess sets. Their boards are without doubt some of the finest and most beautiful ones we have ever seen. The wood grains are stunning, inlays immaculate and the lacquered finish is flawless. We love these chess boards and we are proud to display our fine chessmen on them. When you are in the market for a superb wooden chess board, and won't compromise on quality, we are the best retailer in Europe to satisfy your needs.

Wooden Chess Board

Wood has been the dominant material for chess boards for hundreds of years. It makes perfect sense that a chess board be made from wood, you have very light wood, and a range of different dark woods. It’s also a durable and satisfying material to use but not without it’s challenges in the manufacturing process. The Regency Chess Company stocks a huge range of wooden chess boards. We’ve sourced these from the finest manufacturers in Europe. They are sourced from Italy, Spain and Greece and feature a stunning mix of lovely hard woods. The companies we source from have been established for decades and have managed to refine their process to such an extent that we’re always delighted with what they produce. The range of wooden boards features luxury woods such as Ebony, Rosewood, Walnut, Maple, Mahogany and many others.

Solid Wood Chess Board

Our range of chess boards is extensive and we carry both solid and veneer options. Our solid wooden boards are expertly crafted in small batches in a small artisan workshop. They use selected cuts of luxury hardwoods including maple, sheesham, ebony and rosewood. Typically, solid wooden boards will be more expensive than veneer versions. This is because the amount of precious hardwood used in the construction of the board is much higher. The wood may be up to a quarter of an inch thick!

A solid wooden board will often age better than a veneer board and will weather dents and marks and scratches better over time. Due to the construction method used they can be more prone to cracking and warping than their veneer counterparts.

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