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Many dedicated backgammon players often complain about the decided lack of quality travel backgammon sets on the market today. All too frequently they are forced to decide between portability and quality, and must sacrifice one for the other when it comes to purchasing their travel set. No more. Our Travel Sets are tailor-made for the busy backgammon player on the go and make great gifts for fans of the game looking for a distraction on long trips. These compact, lightweight sets have been designed to maximize portability, while still featuring the elegant looks and quality manufacturing customers have come to expect from our products. While these Backgammon sets are light enough to ensure portability, they are all constructed from the finest materials and will stand up to the rigors associated with extensive travel. Many of these sets also feature magnetic surfaces and counter stones, so you won't have to worry about losing pieces in the backseat of the car, on the plane or anywhere else your travels take you.

The Regency Backgammon Company?

You may be wondering why a company with the word chess in the name is selling such a diverse range of backgammon sets. We do indeed specialise heavily in selling chess sets, in fact our range of sets is the best in Europe. We have traveled far and wide to bring you the best products and it seemed logical to start working with the premium backgammon set brands. Our range of backgammon is still on the increase and short of setting up a dedicated website just for backgammon we have become the UK's largest online retailer of backgammon sets.

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