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Dal Negro Backgammon Sets

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Dal Negro Branding

For nearly a hundred years, Italian manufacturer Dal Negro has been the industry leader in high-quality gaming accessories. From playing cards to board games, Dal Negro has earned its worldwide reputation by consistently producing expertly crafted items constructed from the finest materials. Their line of backgammon sets have continued this tradition, combining traditional designs with modern techniques to create one of the sturdiest and most aesthetically pleasing backgammon boards on the market. From the gorgeous Luxury Walnut to the sleek and stylish Deluxe Black, these exquisite sets are perfect for dedicated backgammon devotees, collectors, or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and good taste. The Regency Chess Company is delighted to have to biggest selection of Dal Negro backgammon for sale in the UK.

Dal Negro Backgammon, The Players Choice

Dal Negro Backgammon in Red

If you are considering buying a fine backgammon set Dal Negro should never be far from your short list. Dal Negro have been established for many years and have got their craft down to a fine art these days. Everything from the dimensional accuracy to the packaging has been refined to a high level. From the moment you are presented with the box you are aware that you have bought something special, even the wrapping paper they use is high quality stuff. After the novelty of owning such a well made set wears off you will start to play backgammon with it, then you will really appreciate just why players love these sets so much, everything from the dice shakers to the stones have been made with a tactile feeling in mind, everything is high quality, heavy and robust enough to ensure multi-generational ownership.

Best Prices On Dal Negro Backgammon Sets

The Regency Chess Company stocks a superb range of backgammon sets and Dal Negro is a brand that we are proud to include in our range. You know that when you buy a product with the famous Dal Negro name on the box the quality is going to be superb. With such an established brand it's little surprise that you would have spend a fair while searching online to find the best possible price for the set you are about to purchase.

Not only are our sets the cheapest in the UK but they are even cheaper in comparison when you factor our free UK shipping in the sums.If you are looking for the finest Italian quality, but want to ensure you get the best deal then look no further. Order your Dal Negro set from us and don't wait any longer than you have to for it. Our express delivery service from UK stock means you will receive your order the next working day.

The History Of The Dal Negro Company

Azienda Factory of Dal Negro

The Dal Negro story began way back in 1928 when the Dal Negro family took over an Austrian owned playing card company. The card company had been operating in Treviso, Italy since 1756. The Dal Negro family were never ones to stand still when it came to business and they constantly innovated and improved their production methods. Playing cards are still the core of their business but they have diversified into a host of other traditional games including chess and backgammon. Their constant innovation and search for perfection have lead them to the top of their game in the world of traditional games production.

Today Dal Negro employs over sixty employees in a purpose built 15,000 square meter facility in Treviso, Italy and has numerous external workshops and roaming sales staff. The company turns over in excess of fifteen million euros per year and remains one of the strongest manufactures of traditional games in the world today.

Brand New Dal Negro Backgammon Sets For 2011

This year Dal Negro have made some huge changes to the range of backgammon sets they sell. Some old models have been discontinued and replaced with a brand new selection of fine luxury sets. We have noticed that they are expanding the range of specialist materials used for their sets including some beautiful fabric lined sets. We are holding the entire range of Dal Negro backgammon sets in stock and you won't find better prices online.

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