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Dominoes and Domino Sets

We stock and sell an extensive range of dominoes and dominoes sets to customers around the world. As one the UK’s premiere suppliers of traditional games we have applied our expert attention to detail, alongside our commissioning and sourcing experience, to bring you some of the highest quality and best value domino games available.

The History of the Dominoes

Dominoes originated in China - It’s first known reference is in manuscripts dating from before the 1200s from within Mongolian Empire. It is widely believed that dominoes was brought back to Europe from China by Italian Missionaries and really started to gain popularity during the 1800s when it quickly spread from Italy across Europe. Since then dominoes has remained a consistently popular table game. Whilst it originated in China, the European game that we’re familiar with differs somewhat from the original game and it is thought to have been simplified by the Italians to make it easier to play.

Most European domino sets are rectangular in shape, and twice as long as they are wide. Traditionally dominos were made from materials like ivory and bone, but are now made from resins and modern plastics which are much more sustainable but retain some of the qualities of ivory & bone in terms of durability and appearance.

Variations of the Dominoes Game

Following its rise in popularity in Europe, dominoes spread rapidly around the world and many other variations began to emerge. Many of these variations are still played today and include games like ‘The Mexican Train’, Latin and Cuban dominos. There are countless rule variations, and this is one of the things that make the game so versatile. The goal in most domino games is to try to get rid of your hand before your opponent, whilst trying to stop your opponent from clearing theirs.

A Game for All Ages

As well as being a serious game for adults, dominoes can also be incredibly fun for children. Domino toppling has become incredibly popular with world records regularly being set and broken. The longest dominoes train to be set and toppled is currently 4.3 million dominoes. Our multipacks are of course ideal for setting up domino runs and toppling them!

How Many Dominoes in a Set?
We sell both double six and double nine sets which come with 28 or 55 dominoes in each pack. The double nine sets are ideal when more players are involved. We also sell packs of domino sets for pubs, clubs and schools.

When you are buying dominos there are a number of factors to consider:

Quantity in the Set – a domino set can come in different sizes depending on the quantity of dominoes in the set and the number of dots - i.e double six (28 dominoes), double nine (55 dominoes), double twelve (91 dominoes).
Weight – heavier dominoes are typically better quality and harder wearing.
Storage – more expensive domino sets come with leather pouches, bags or luxury wooden boxes.
Painting – some dominoes sets are hand painted and have a finer attention to detail.
Spinners or Pivots– dominoes with spinners/pivots have a raised bump and this allows the tiles to be easily mixed.  

Dominoes for Every Budget


Regency Chess sell domino sets for both budget conscious customers as well as customers looking for the highest quality. Our products come with a variety of shipping options including Free UK mainland delivery and fast competitive delivery to other parts of the world.

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