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Vintage Staunton Chessmen

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Antique Reproduction Vintage Staunton Chessmen

Our range of reproduction Staunton chessmen features precise and exact replicas of the legendary Jacques pieces from the Victorian era. These pieces are precise copies of the originals from specific years of production and use the very same materials and production methods to ensure maximum authenticity.

The legendary Staunton chessmen revolutionised the world of chess back in the mid 1800s when the Jacques games company in London produced the first sets. The sets were an instant success, extremely functional, stunningly beautiful and a design classic. The Jacques company produced 1000s of sets and as the years went past the design changed slightly.

Certain years of production have been immortalised with these precise replicas which capture the exact magic of the original Victorian versions.

Antique Staunton Chessmen

The original sets that were hand made in London during the 1800s are, as you would expect, worth a lot of money. Complete sets in their original box can fetch thousands of pounds if in good condition. They are generally the preserve of antique dealers and collectors. Our sets offer the chance to own one of these legendary sets as a fraction of the price of an original.

Vintage Staunton Chess Set

These superb vintage reproduction chess sets are hand crafted using the very same methods of the originals. The black pieces are made from seasoned Indian ebony, a wood that would have been easily accessible in London in the 1800s but is now rare, expensive and endangered. The white pieces are crafted from boxwood, the same wood used for the originals. Each piece is expertly weighted and felted with green billiard cloth.

Why reproduction instead of normal Staunton pattern pieces?

Today the Staunton design has been copied into over a thousand variations. While the original design is clearly evident in all of these versions they are not precise replicas of the originals. There are many lovely newer designed of chessmen that pay homage to the original specifications, from the very basic to the extremely lavish, there is a set for everyone. If however you’re looking for a piece of history, a precise reproduction of a past legend, then these pieces are the ideal investment. They are without doubt, some of the very best pieces we stock.

Collectible Chess Pieces

Many of our chessmen are highly collectible due to their design, history and wood types. Chess pieces made in rare luxury hardwoods like ebony are certainly becoming more collectible as the value of such woods rises higher and higher. Chessmen that are precise replicas of historical and significant models are also highly collectible and we are delighted to service a number of keen collectors among our client list.

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