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21 to 24 Inch Chess Boards

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A Beautiful Centerpiece

When we receive an order for 21 to 24 inch boards the process involved is huge, with extra time spent packing, securing and boxing them to ensure no damage is caused on its journey out. Our staff spares no expense when packing these items, primarily because they understand the quality and value of the product, and respect the amount of money being spent by the customer.

It is certainly not lost on us that these outstanding boards often take pride of place in the home, laid out with a set of chessmen to form a centerpiece as much as a playing surface. With that in mind there are a number of 21 to 24 Inch board bundles, where we have coupled them with a set of complimentary pieces and, more often than not, a wooden box. The product experts here at Regency have ensured there are bundles that cater to every customer preference, from the inexpensive to the luxury, the understated to the exuberant.

The Famous No.6 Mahogany Board

Transcending nearly all of our board categories, and one of the most important products we sell, is the versatile Mahogany and Birch Inlaid Chess Board. In its 21 to 24 Inch form, with 2.3 inch playing squares, this board is matched with the Official Isle of Lewis Chessmen to create the Isle of Lewis Large Mahogany Chess Set. And, although this set boasts ancient roots, this is not considered to be a traditional set, unlike the bundles that feature classic Staunton Chessmen.

Chess players looking for an elegant, traditional chess set, while also keen on size, are often drawn to the Parthenon Rosewood and Ebony Chess Set. The Palisander Rosewood Board accommodates any pieces in Red Sandalwood or Rosewood, but in this case is home to the distinct Parthenon Series Chessmen.

Unparallelled Luxury

Equally breathtaking are the Madrid Red Sandalwood Chess Pieces, which we have mixed with one of the most beautiful boards not only in the 21 to 24 inch section but in the entire Regency Collection. The 23.6 Inch Briarwood and Elmwood Luxury Chess Board is hand made in Florence by the craftsmen at Italfama. How they adhere to such minimalistic codes of detail upon a large board is astounding, and one of the main reasons we sell these boards in a number of different sizes. They are available from 17 inches up.

Italian Excellence

In fact, we were so impressed with the work of Italfama that we now stock the 23.6 Inch Briarwood and Elm Chess Cabinet with Drawer. The quality of this item cannot be overstated and it really is a privilege to have it within our collection.

After a good while deliberating, we decided to add to it the Northern Upright Chess Pieces, creating the Northern Upright and Rootwood Traditional Chess Set.

The other boards in this section are all best mixed with the larger chess pieces available at Regency Chess. We recommend choosing chessmen with base diameters of at least 1.5 inches. Or you could of course purchase one of our expertly curated sets.

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