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Travel Chess Set

Here at the The Regency Chess Company we have been selling Travel chess sets for over fifteen years. In fact back in 2008 when we started out, travel sets were some of our very first offerings. We’ve since sold many thousands of sets and over the years we’ve managed to refine the quality and style of them as well as make a great deal of improvements.

The idea of a travel chess set is obviously portability. To be able to fold the set up store it away or pop it into a ruck sack is the ultimate aim. Of course there are some compromises to this compared to playing chess on a larger flat non folding board with weighted pieces so what we’ve done is try to make the quality and feel of our travels sets such that you can still enjoy a really satisfying game of chess when on the move.

The travel sets that we favour the most are our solid hardwood sets. These come in four different sizes, from seven inches up to fourteen inches and feature magnetic pieces, soft flocked internal compartments and either clasp or magnetic closing. Each set is crafted from solid hardwood with the individual squares hand inlaid.

The Biggest and Best Range of Travel Chess Sets in the UK

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the statement above is fact rather than opinion. Making our range the biggest was the easiest part, selecting a varied number of travel chess sets that cater to every player’s needs. However, making it the best was a much longer, more painstaking process.

Rather than talking about it, though, let us show you how this travel chess set collection is better than any other in the UK.

Where do our Travel Chess Sets come from?

Our fantastic travel and folding chess set collection has become the finest in the country thanks to long and successful relationships with suppliers from around the globe. We do not sell any mass produced sets from China, preferring instead to hand pick exceptional sets from suppliers in Italy, India and Poland. This ensures a high level of quality and, subsequently, a lasting relationship with manufactures that, ultimately, leads to a better line of products.

Magnetic chess set

Our range of magnetic chess sets includes only the very best products. Over the years we have sold a variety of travel chess sets, in fact back in 2007 this is how our business began. We now sell a range of crafted wooden magnetic sets in four different sizes from seven to fourteen inches. We have worked with the manufacturers of these sets to refine them into really lovely items. We took the original designs and added better magnets, magnetic closing on the cabinets and much more luxury flocking inside. We also added additional queens into the sets for pawn promotion.

These sets are made from Indian hardwoods and have a lovely rich natural feel to them. They are more of a wood workshop product than a mass-produced factory item. Crafted individually by talented craftsmen. If you are looking to play chess on the move, or need a set that’s compact enough to fit on your book case, we have the ideal set for you.

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