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Sourced from the UK

We have recently become stockists of these lovely glass based fantasy chess sets. Supplied from UK company Nemesis Now these sets have been manufactured to a very high standard. Each piece is cast from a crushed stone resin and sits upon an etched Gothic style chess board. The boards are raised and supported on four resin corner pieces, also cast using a themed design.

Collection Set to Increase

There are three designs at present in the range and more on their way. The most popular so far has been the Dragon Chess Set. Next on the list is the Soul Takers set, closely followed by the Faerie set. The level of detail on all three sets is amazing, and suited to sets in a much higher price point. They are unlike anything The Regency Chess Company has stocked before and we are delighted that they have become so popular.

Enter The Dragon

The mystical theme of dragons is a source of never ending interest. The word dragon comes from the latin draconem which translates as large serpent. Mythological depictions of dragons portray them with characteristics from snakes, lizards, dinosaurs and a healthy dollop of imagination. The image of this mystical beast finds itself everywhere, from national flags & tattoos and models on peoples fireplaces. So it comes as very little surprise that we stock two chess sets devoted to these creatures. Added in June 2012 was the Kingdom of the Dragon set, which sits alongside the standard dragon chess set in our range of lovely glass and fantasy pieces.

Dragon Taming Knights

The two dragon chess sets we have on sale feature beautiful crushed stone cast pieces. The Dragon set features a dragon as each piece, with the pawns depicted as baby dragons hatching from their eggs. This set essentially brings you thirty two lovely little dragon ornaments, each one carrying a huge amount of detail. The kingdom of the dragon set contains more chess related features in the pieces which makes it more ideal to actually play chess on. The rooks for example are a typical castle turret but with a dragon wrapping itself around the piece. The knights are depicted as human knights, but instead of riding a horse they are sat on top of a tame dragon.

The Grim Reapers

The soul takers chess set is without doubt the darkest of our fantasy sets. If you are looking for a game of chess this set is still easy to play with despite it's very non chess related theme. Despite all the pieces depicting a skeleton death figure with a grim reaper menace the back row manages to identify themselves as chessmen very well. The rooks adopt a castle turret, the knights riding on horses skeletons, while the king and queen remain easy to identify. The detail in this set is excellent, each piece becomes an imposing character with evil intent. We see these sets more as thirty two little ornaments as well as a chess set.

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