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Chess Sets

Carefully Matched Sets

The Bath chess sets

Our range of chess sets combines the best selection of chess pieces and boards into perfectly matched sets. While we sell a huge range of chess boards and a huge range of pieces our chess sets section takes the guess work out of matching the two together perfectly. Our range of chess sets caters for all styles and budgets and includes a wide variety of designs and styles. So if you are looking for the UK's premier chess shop you have come to the right place. It's worth noting that all the chess sets we have for sale have been very carefully chosen for their quality, style, durability and quality control. We only source our products from the worlds very best producers of chess pieces and boards. We hope you will buy your chess set from us once you have seen the vast range of styles, sizes and wood types we have on offer.

Wooden sets

Most of the chess sets in our range feature wooden boards and wooden pieces. Wood is by far the most common and popular material used for chess sets and boards and while there are plenty of other materials used for chess pieces, the boards are almost always wooden. The types of wood used varies immensely with a huge selection of woods available, from mahogany to ebony, the selection is vast. Within the scope of wooden sets we also stock plenty of extremely rare and precious woods which includes rosewood, sandalwood and ebony. Ebony for example, has been used to make chessmen for over two hundred years. It has characteristics that lend itself perfectly to the formation of dark chessmen. It takes on a solid black, almost plastic appearance because it is so dense in it's texture. For those who are less interested in tradition woods like rosewood and sandalwood offer a more attractive grain pattern, and warm rich orange, purple, red and brown tones. Which ever wood you choose, you can be assured that all of the wooden sets supplied by The Regency Chess Company are of the highest quality.

Chess set and board

European Staunton chess sets The term 'chess sets' is a very general term that can mean anything from a set of pieces on their own, a travel set or a flat or folding board with pieces and a box. In our chess sets section we refer to a set of pieces combined with a board. Other sections on our website feature boards on their own, travel sets and chessmen.

We are proud to be stocking the range of Studio Anne Carlton themed chess sets. These fine sets are world renowned for their quality and attention to detail. Popular themes such as Lord of the Rings and the Battle of Waterloo are included as are The Tower of London and Richard The Lion Heart. These famous themed chess sets are available in both hand painted and undecorated formats and are available in our chess sets section with perfectly matched boards. We are selling the full sized versions as well as the compact sets that only come in the hand painted versions.

Download the Regency Chess Score Sheet

Download Regency Chess Scoresheet

The Regency Chess Company score sheet is free to download as a printable PDF [Download] If you need a chess score sheet in a hurry, or prefer to print your own rather than buy a pad, our free download is the ideal solution. Simply print the score sheet onto a sheet of A4 paper for two score sheets.

Isle of Lewis Chess

Isle of Lewis chess sets

The Lewis chess set has become the second most iconic chess piece design in the world after Staunton. We are delighted to be offering a really good selection of Lewis sets. We are socking the SAC branded pieces in both full size and mini versions, but the jewel in the crown of our range of Lewis pieces is the National Museum set. These pieces are made in England using a high quality resin in molds derived from laser scans of the actual pieces. We have combined our selection of Lewis pieces with a variety of chess boards. This has created a beautiful selection of Lewis chess sets. The range starts at just under fifty pounds and goes up to over three hundred for our super luxury Lewis chess set.

Standard Chess Sets

What is a standard chess set? A standard chess set is something we often get asked for when buyers have become confused by the huge range of chess sets on our website. Essentially a standard chess set can mean different things. There is a tournament standard which requires a three and a three quarter inch king, Staunton chessmen and a 20 inch chess board. Or for some the term standard simply refers to the style of chessmen they are looking for which would of course be the classic Staunton style. If you are looking for the standard set, but don't need to meet tournament standards then simply browse any of the sets in the Staunton chess sets category, you are certain to find what you are looking for. But where ever you eventually choose to buy your chess set from, we hope that the vast array of sets we have on our site will go some way to help you choose the best product.

Unusual Chess Sets

In the last year or so we have added many types of chess set to our range. While we will always ensure that we stock the best range of Staunton sets we are adding weird and wonderful sets to our range every few weeks. One recent addition was our range of glass fantasy chess sets. These have been brought to us by the fantasy and science fiction wholesaler Nemesis Now. One of the most notable products we have started to stock is their dragon chess set. This comes in two different variants, the standard one and the kingdom one. Both have proved popular sellers and we are delighted to be stocking these beautiful and high quality chess sets.

As well our range of unusual chess sets we have also stock a great selection of outdoor and garden chess sets. We began to import these during the grey wet summer of 2012 and despite the weather they have become a huge success. The Regency Chess Company had not, up until now, been a specialist in outdoor games. But now that we have ample warehouse space and good relations with sources in the Far East we are able to offer a great range of garden sets at superb prices.

Unusual Chess Sets Video

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