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Deluxe Hardwood Folding Travel 7.5 inch Chess Set - Magnetic

Deluxe Hardwood Folding Travel 7.5 inch Chess Set - Magnetic

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This little set is really, really tiny. It is smaller than it looks like on the photos. Not bigger than a thick pocketbook it fits anywhere.

The board is carefully made with different woods, and the small chess men are beautifully carved. Quality and details in both the board and the pieces. Despite its small size it is quite playable. The magnets not only keep the pieces in place, but they also help when moving the pieces. Unfortunately the foam where you store the pieces looks a bit cheap.

There are some drawback though. Besides using foam to store the pieces, the metal sheet neatly hidden under the wooddoes not extend to the side. Therefore it is not possible to put the removed pieces there. An even better solution would be to include a little metal bowl. Now you don't have anywhere to put the pieces. A design flaw that can cause you to lose pieces.

One of the queens and one rook provide just a little to little force to be satisfactory.

But all in all it is a wonderful little miniature set with much more detail and quality you normally would expect from such a little chess set.
Date Added: 08/03/2021 by Customer
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